Friday, February 22, 2008

Pulling Teeth

And again folks, I will be nominated for mother of the year soon! the story begins a few weeks back when Sweetums mentioned her front tooth was loose. I love when kids have both front teeth missing and just kept telling her to leave the loose one alone and wiggle the other one. Last week they were both loose and the right one fell out. The next day I just could not stand the other one hanging in there--teasing me with its looseness. I tried with all my might to walk away from the temptation I felt rising with in my breast...but followed me, taunting me with every word or grin i received from Sweetums. Finally I broke down and ask Sweetums if I could just feel her wiggly tooth. I simply wiggled it. Oh the pain...I could not stand it...I had to get that thing out. I asked again. And Yes, I yanked that thing out. I know, I know, I AM HORRIBLE! I blame Sweetums really, I mean what kind of kid trusts their parent with a loose tooth in their mouth? I have to be honest, I felt such relief- UNTIL... Sweetums began screaching and bleeding all over the carpet. Oh my poor carpet----i mean baby. I got her a cold, wet wash cloth and she calmed down, looked in the mirror and was sooooo happy the tooth fairy was coming again (AHHH my guilt melted away). Now, i have the cutest little toothless kid around!

Is that a RAT in our house?

Our dear friends, Kent and Charyce Mcgregor, gave us their cute little dog in August. Here is cute little Momo when we got him, ahhh, fresh and cute from the groomers. He was so soft and cute, We loved his curls and little snuggly face.

This winter, he has gotten so matted and stinky due to the outside world -- he needed to be groomed again. I decided to do it myself. Why? because I am a multi-talented women and am in NO WAY cheap, Let's just get that strait right from the get go okay! I mean it had nothing to do with the $30.00 price tag of grooming. Anyway. I got out the clippers and began to shave away. The clippers kept getting caught in his matted fur and he kept trying to get away, but undaunted, I kept a shaven. One hour and a hairy dog bath mess later, I was finished. I THEN realized the complete MESS a little bit of dog hair could create as Little Man was picking it up and carrying it away for me---to the garbage you think...oh heavens no...just to his tractor with the big trailer and then all over the house. (Yes I was sitting right there, I was just busy holding a dog, running clippers and sitting on scissors so he would not cut his hair.)So, 30 minutes later, with that mess all cleaned up, I ran to get in the shower and all cleaned up myself as I was covered in dog hair on my nicest schlumpadinka sweat outfit (urgh) when i noticed a funny looking rat running around my house. Hey, i think--that rat looks a bit like Momo. And hey, what is up with it's legs, one is really poofy and the other 3 are really skinny? Poor rat, it looks like it got a BAD haircut! Good thing I did not do it!

Hey, has anyone seen Momo?