Saturday, March 22, 2008


Moment with child that made me go HMMMMM?

VERY EARLY on a vacation morning at the in-laws... Child gets out of pajamas and comes into parent/baby room "I can't do up my pants."
Groggy parent whispers Shhhhh Little Man is aslee...... Little Man stands up and says.."Hi, I want out."
Groggy parent grumbles..grrrrr and does up pants of early rising, wakeful child.
Child leaves room with pants done up and goes DIRECTLY to bathroom where the groggy parent with the now very awake 2 year old hears...UNZIP....


Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all about the shoes baby!

The other day I started thinking (that dang Oprah) about my friends and had a huge realization: "You know, your friend Lisa stays at home with three kids, she's not a schlumpadinka, and Lynne's friend Carrie stays at home with 4, and although I don't know her well, you can just tell, she is Not a schlumpadinka. I go to the kids schools and activities and see lots of stay at home people and never think- schlumpadinka. So here is where the self realization hit. Jackie you have let yourself become what you are: a schlumpadinka of the worst kind...the go out in public in a hat and non matchy work-out clothes...take you kids to school in your jammies with hair a flying schlumpadinka. When did this happen? Why did this happen? I mean getting nice clothes on and junk clothes on takes exactly the same amount of time. Then it hit me--my CHILDREN have caused this. Think of all the nice clothes they have spit-up on, wiped slime and gross stuff on and stained. It is mind boggling. Now, I will admit, that since the Oprah show I have tried to shrug off the feelings of caring and self respect. But, alas, the feelings will not go away. I want to feel like the trophy wife and mother I am (tee hee.) But, what to do? I decided to be victim no more and went shopping. A few days later, I dressed like a normal person, but, did not want to put on any of my new clothes. However, I did want to put on a new pair of shoes. I did, and went into the world. I saw several of my friends and a neighbor...these where the comments:
"Wow, look at you with the makeup on."
"You look so dressed up."
"wow you look cute."
"My my, new clothes?"
Now, you may be thinking, "She must have looked good!" Nope, not really, So, here is what I have learned: It's all about the shoes baby: I bought cute comfortable shoes and whala...I wanted to wear them. I wanted to wear some normal clothes so I could put those babies on and walk in them. Silly--Maybe! True--Yes! When I have on cute shoes, I can't wear yuck clothes--(I do have some left over pride.) I even feel pretty - do not ask me why, I just do. I even walk more confident. So, I have decided to stop buying clothes and focus on just shoes baby!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Super memory boy

Little Man's memory just amazes me. He is two and remembers things 3000 times better than I do. Last time I took a picture of anyone it was Pony Girl---right before her Locks -of- Love donation. I had her --of course-- stand backwards and sideways so we could see her long hair. The other night I told Little Man we needed to take a picture of him in his fire truck jammies (for my aunt who made them.) He immediately ran to the wall facing backwards. I was laughing and trying to get him to turn around. He WOULD NOT until I took several pictures of him backwards and sideways--for the best hair shots of course. silly amazing memory boy! Now if I could just tap into some sort of way to exploit and make money off that super hero memory of his, we'd be set.

And now... the cute boy in his jammies

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a nose thing

UGH, It has begun! A few weeks ago Little Man discovered his fingers fit perfectly into his nose holes and wow--slime. OH SOOOO YUCKY! We continually say, "Little Man, don't pick your nose." He repeats the saying and then sticks his previously cute fingers up his nose. Well, today he kept at it. I kept pulling them out, cleaning them off and saying, "Yuck, don't." Today though, he kept repeating, "Get it out." I said, "No, buggers stay in there unless we have Kleenex." After an hour or so of this fun game, he got some Kleenex and said, "Want it out." I held the Kleenex over his little nose and said, "Blow. " Out came an eraser.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am a cheapskate

I have decided to just come out with it. I just need to embrace this side of myself and become free of the burden of hiding it. I, Jackie G am a cheapskate--a self proclaimed cheapskate. The dog grooming was just the tip of the iceberg. I also price match most of the items from the grocery store (people behind me in line LOVE ME), cut my kids hair, I won't pay full price on any clothing item, a penny to get my car washed. a movie ticket, library membership (a mere $45.00 for me but NO!) When I needed a new wedding ring--I went to a pawn shop.
Any fundraiser that comes home goes directly to trash. I will sand, paint, and refurbish any used item I can find to decorate my home with and call it "vintage." My husband cuts his own hair. My haircuts are always bottom of the barrel price and I have a girlfriend highlight my hair for me (thank you Ashley) I will also haggle any price at a garage sale and if you are giving it away for free---i am taking it. And last but not least -- milk. Yes sirreee, my poor family has become the subject of every 1970 flashback. I make powdered milk. When the price of milk went up...we switched. We have been closet powdered milk drinkers ever since. I will buy one gallon and turn it into two -- half regular, half powdered. Funny thing--my kids don't seem to mind. Our milk consumption has not wavered one bit (5 to 6 gallons a week) and they all get excited when i make milk and rush over to help. I suppose this is to be expected from genetically altered cheapskate kids

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Okay who have blogged about stains on your bed spread and polish on your carpet---If there was a competition for the most horrible happenings...I would win--hands down...or shall we say "irons" down?! We got this carpet in August, ugh----it is smack dab in the middle of the floor...child for sale...anyone...anyone...anyone...