Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am a cheapskate

I have decided to just come out with it. I just need to embrace this side of myself and become free of the burden of hiding it. I, Jackie G am a cheapskate--a self proclaimed cheapskate. The dog grooming was just the tip of the iceberg. I also price match most of the items from the grocery store (people behind me in line LOVE ME), cut my kids hair, I won't pay full price on any clothing item, a penny to get my car washed. a movie ticket, library membership (a mere $45.00 for me but NO!) When I needed a new wedding ring--I went to a pawn shop.
Any fundraiser that comes home goes directly to trash. I will sand, paint, and refurbish any used item I can find to decorate my home with and call it "vintage." My husband cuts his own hair. My haircuts are always bottom of the barrel price and I have a girlfriend highlight my hair for me (thank you Ashley) I will also haggle any price at a garage sale and if you are giving it away for free---i am taking it. And last but not least -- milk. Yes sirreee, my poor family has become the subject of every 1970 flashback. I make powdered milk. When the price of milk went up...we switched. We have been closet powdered milk drinkers ever since. I will buy one gallon and turn it into two -- half regular, half powdered. Funny thing--my kids don't seem to mind. Our milk consumption has not wavered one bit (5 to 6 gallons a week) and they all get excited when i make milk and rush over to help. I suppose this is to be expected from genetically altered cheapskate kids


Lynne said...

I may as well out my cheapskate self too (except for the milk that is), but actually I think everyone already knows that about me. :-)

Marci said...

Hey, I was laughing my head off reading this... How many times have I been with you when you have done one of your cheapskate things... just makes me smile. Wish I could be more like you!

Holly said...

Jackie Jack, you will only truly be a cheapskate when for Christmas you buy three trash bags full of clothes from Good Will, gather your family around, and tell them to go at it.