Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a nose thing

UGH, It has begun! A few weeks ago Little Man discovered his fingers fit perfectly into his nose holes and wow--slime. OH SOOOO YUCKY! We continually say, "Little Man, don't pick your nose." He repeats the saying and then sticks his previously cute fingers up his nose. Well, today he kept at it. I kept pulling them out, cleaning them off and saying, "Yuck, don't." Today though, he kept repeating, "Get it out." I said, "No, buggers stay in there unless we have Kleenex." After an hour or so of this fun game, he got some Kleenex and said, "Want it out." I held the Kleenex over his little nose and said, "Blow. " Out came an eraser.


Holly said...

Ok, your blogs are hilarious! I love that kid, he is too much!

Marci said...

That is hilarious! Mother of the year! I'm still laughin'

Lynne said...