Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all about the shoes baby!

The other day I started thinking (that dang Oprah) about my friends and had a huge realization: "You know, your friend Lisa stays at home with three kids, she's not a schlumpadinka, and Lynne's friend Carrie stays at home with 4, and although I don't know her well, you can just tell, she is Not a schlumpadinka. I go to the kids schools and activities and see lots of stay at home people and never think- schlumpadinka. So here is where the self realization hit. Jackie you have let yourself become what you are: a schlumpadinka of the worst kind...the go out in public in a hat and non matchy work-out clothes...take you kids to school in your jammies with hair a flying schlumpadinka. When did this happen? Why did this happen? I mean getting nice clothes on and junk clothes on takes exactly the same amount of time. Then it hit me--my CHILDREN have caused this. Think of all the nice clothes they have spit-up on, wiped slime and gross stuff on and stained. It is mind boggling. Now, I will admit, that since the Oprah show I have tried to shrug off the feelings of caring and self respect. But, alas, the feelings will not go away. I want to feel like the trophy wife and mother I am (tee hee.) But, what to do? I decided to be victim no more and went shopping. A few days later, I dressed like a normal person, but, did not want to put on any of my new clothes. However, I did want to put on a new pair of shoes. I did, and went into the world. I saw several of my friends and a neighbor...these where the comments:
"Wow, look at you with the makeup on."
"You look so dressed up."
"wow you look cute."
"My my, new clothes?"
Now, you may be thinking, "She must have looked good!" Nope, not really, So, here is what I have learned: It's all about the shoes baby: I bought cute comfortable shoes and whala...I wanted to wear them. I wanted to wear some normal clothes so I could put those babies on and walk in them. Silly--Maybe! True--Yes! When I have on cute shoes, I can't wear yuck clothes--(I do have some left over pride.) I even feel pretty - do not ask me why, I just do. I even walk more confident. So, I have decided to stop buying clothes and focus on just shoes baby!


Drowns Family said...

oh, yea, baby IT IS all about the shoes. I totally agree. There is the exception of mix-match work out with those fancy shoes, though! Very funny blog sister!

Drowns Family said...

so I don't know how to edit my 1st comment so what I meant was mix-match work out CLOTHES. te he he!

Lynne said...

Hey -- nice how you mention that my friend Carrie is not a schlumpadinka...what about me?? (actually don't answer that...your blog is just confirming what is already known)

Holly said...

I think that I might have to adopt that theory! Shopping for shoes is so much more fun than shopping for clothes anyway. :-)

Marci said...

You are right, the shoes make all the difference. Ask any little kid, new shoes always make them run faster, jump higher, be better at everything, etc., etc., etc.! Okay, I'm gonna get me a new pair this weekend, you've convinced me :)