Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It has come to my realization that I have an addictive personality. Okay, okay, I have known for awhile--I have just hid it from the world until now. Boy this blogging stuff sure does make me a tell all! Anyway, I hate Sudoku. Yep, you heard me right. I hate the STUPID (yes I said a bad word...but i mean it) game. Yet, do I stop playing, NO...why? because I am addicted. I have thrown away my copies several times and come down to the computer just to make more. Every night I say---"I will not play that game ever again" day, playing sudoku. UGH! So, it got me thinking about all the other things I have been addicted to in my life and made me realize how lucky I am to be in a religion that has helped me avoid the heavy stuff! Anyway, I thought since I am airing laundry---you would all get a kick out of my former addictions:

1) The game "free cell." It is a form of solitaire and they have 30,000 games. I once had a goal of playing and winning every single game. I kept track of all my winnings on the computer--sad but true.
2) Jolly Ranchers. On my mission, I would go through bags and bags of them....hmmm, no wonder every tooth in my mouth has a cavity.
3) Word racer. A speed spelling game played against people on the Internet. When Mr. KIR and I first moved to Illinois, I played hours and hours every night. "Oh my word!" (no pun intended)
4) Harry Potter books. I would start reading one book and sit on my butt until I had read every single one--we are talking literally do nothing but read for days, hours you name it. My kids were forced to become self reliant at a very early age---so sad to think about.
5) Many a Sewing project. I could NEVER just sew one of anything. I would make one cute thing and then sew 500 of them and give them to every one I about expensive. Then, when I am over the project, I will NEVER make one again--NEVER.
6) Craft projects. Same habit as sewing project problem.
7) Lip balm. I have to use the same brand and use it 800 times a day---when they stopped making it available here--oh, the pain--literally!
8) Flavored water--a current addiction. For some reason regular water started to make me gag---after my kidney stone incident I was drinking gallons and gallons to prevent it from happening again (like I could do a lifetime of drinking in one month). Suddenly, taking even one drink of regular water would make my gag reflex flair. So I started buying flavored water and now drink it constantly. I love it!!! First thing in the morning I grab a flavor and guzzle it down. then I exercise and drink one while I do that---orange is my favorite, but I love them all--except tropical fruit and straw./kiwi.
9) Chocolate. Current addiction! I will eat any chocolate within a 1 mile radius of my person--so watch out!
10) Ding Dongs. there was a time in my life when I had four or five a day--yep...gross I know, but I loved them. I bought one the other day for nostalgia sake and realized--these are YUCKY!
11) TV shows. Several during my life---until T-BO (or is it T-VO?) came out. Now I find that I can record shows and never watch them. I love this!

Well folks I could go on, but think this is enough--any more and I may lose friends over this!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lessons from the Army

We had oatmeal for breakfast and I made it too hot. I asked 8 year old Pony Girl to grab some ice. She perked one finger in the air and said, "I will use a trick I learned in the Army."

I was STUNNED and began to laugh. Why you say? Many years ago (draft time) my father joined the Army. He filled out all the paper work and went in for the physical exam. He had a recent horse riding injury and was not deemed physically fit and was not allowed to join. So, he was in the army all of 60 minutes. However, when I was growing up he CONSTANTLY said, "Let me show you a trick I learned in the Army."

He died when Pony Girl was 5 years old...funny how she remembers that!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The girls had a mini dance recital at the mall this weekend. Here are their beautiful pictures.

Potty time

I woke up this morning to the sound of the toilet seat lid BANGING up and my 8 year old saying in the sweetest voice, "Hop up on Little Man..sissy will help you go potty."
And she did...from start to finish--never once varying from the sweetest voice. It made my heart melt! She said he woke up, came to her and told her he had to go, so they went. I am so proud of both of them!

Mark has pretty feet!

You know you are a dad of girls when your feet look like this....

Oh so pretty!

Friday, April 18, 2008


After we put the kids to bed last night, Holly and Justin came over. We talked about where they would end up with the job thing. California came up and we discussed how I would love to live there -- near the beach of course-- The rest of the crowd did NOT agree--lots of people. earthquakes, etc. We then discussed how I drift off to sleep with thoughts of how I will gather my kids to safety in the event of a night emergency. We discussed fires, tornado's, etc. "HAHAHAHAHAHA, worried about a tsunami from Lake Charleston, Jackie. HAHAHAHAHAHA."

So last night when our house began to shake, I immediately woke Mr. KIR who just rolled over and between deep sleep breathes said, "It's just an earthquake."
Me, "We do not live in California, what is that!!!"
Mr. KIR, "An earthquake as he falls back into deep sleep."

Is this a cruel joke? Are Holly and Justin out there shaking our house. Is there going to be water at my window in the form of a tsunami next? Yes folks, thoughts of my children's safety far-- FAR-- from my mind.

As you can see, all the night time preparedness thoughts I have taken came in handy--- You may all learn from me! Let's hope you do!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


What does sacrament meeting mean to you?
Here is how it went for me yesterday. Pony Girl, Sweetums, Me then Little Man sit. Opening song begins and by the second verse I have grabbed Sweetums and moved her to the other side of me because she and Pony Girl have touched and both began a girly wrestling match. Little Man screams because Sweetums is now near him . I put him on the floor. Two verses go by--what was the song? hmmm, Opening prayer begins...Little Man starts YELLING "I WANT GUM." "I WANT GUM" I grab his mouth and whisper, "Fold your arms, it's prayer time." He replies "NO, I WANT GUM." Prayer ends. Who gave that? Bishop stands up and Little Man yells, "I WANT GUM." Holly who is sitting in front of me hands him a cough drop. He drops it. I bend over and find it and he happily sticks it in mouth, BOTH girls say (quietly thank heavens...) "I want one." I say, "No, you do not need one." Little Man gets a weird look on his face---hey, this is not candy..."I WANT GUM." I pick him up and head out to the hall. I calmly try to tell him that daddy has the gum and after sacrament time when daddy comes down, we will get some. he says "okay." I pray he means it. We head back in. I sit and discover Sweetums is STUFFING her mouth with Little Man's snacks. I look at her and she stops---until I turn around. I catch her again and she says, "But I'm hungry" (not quietly.) " I whisper to her that she had breakfast 30 minutes ago and STOP eating those. She says "HMP" and folds her arms harshly and puts on her "I am mad face" and begins kicking the bench in front of us. I grab her feat and stop them. Little Man starts laughing LOUDLY as the single guy behind us plays with him. I grab him and put him on the floor. I find cars in the semi organized church bag and he says..."MORE" (loudly--this kid does NOTHING quietly) I had him one more...he says "MORE" I find one more and hand it to him. He says "MORE" I tell him that is all. He says "OKAY." and plays quietly. Ahhh maybe peace....
NOPE I sit up and Pony Girl begins fidgeting and it is not unnoticeable. I hand her the primary theme book my girlfriend made for me (thank you Marci) and tell her to read quietly. she flips through it in 2 seconds and says snottily, "I am done." Sweetums grabs Little Man's cars and SCREAMING begins...the Sacrament song has just started...what is it?

... and the meeting progresses in a blur of me bending, grabbing, glaring and whispering "quietly please" .

What does Sacrament mean to me? It means I NEED A NAP!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Mr, KIR informed me that he is known at work as "The guy with the wrinkliest clothes" That is definitely not an award worth bragging about honey! Looks like my new hobby is ironing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today is Tuesday, I got my hair cut Thursday morning, --- Mr. KIR noticed....tonight.

Sweetums is silly

Sweetums LOVES shorts and skirts. When this past winter hit and she could no longer wear them to school, it was difficult for her! For a good month she would wake up and say, "Is it warm again yet?" With a few compromises, she finally adjusted--kind of; She insisted on rolling up her pants as far as she could and then wearing the craziest non-match the out-fit socks she could find. We compromised because well, I let her go out in public like this. So, as rainy season has hit, she reminded me about how much she hates pants. I informed her that just a bit longer and she could wear her skirts and shorts. Such relief!!! I then discovered maybe one reason why this season is so difficult for an avid skirt/short wearer.....

pants get wet when you step in puddles -- nobody likes that!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Dad

This month would be my dad's birthday. He died 4 years ago in Aug. and I miss him most terribly. To the world, he died a dirty, poor, lonely man with nothing and nobody to speak of. The world had thrown more at him than most people could handle--a modern day Job in every sense. But to me, the child he raised, he was the world. When I was growing up, my father was a hard working, successful business man. He was giving, righteous and fantastic. And was he funny--oh so funny. He could make most people laugh at the drop of a hat. One of the guys I dated in high school said, "Your dad is like a white Bill Cosby." I always thought that was right on.

My dad loved to fish. He fished whenever he could. He loved for us kids to go with him. I cannot speak for my brother and sister, but I hated it. He would beg me to go with him and then I would get bored quickly and ask to go home every 10 seconds, YET, he still always wanted me to go with him--crazy dad! He loved to hunt and taught me to shoot a gun like nobodies business. I was the best shot in my class and that was always a source of pride for him. I still hated to hunt, (repeat fishing scenario) but shooting became a great thing between us. He would take me out and set-up all sorts of stuff for me to shoot, then check it out and praise me for it. On my 22nd birthday her bought me a .22 and was as proud as could be to know I would love it. I do.

He also loved to junk shop. Funny I know. He would take me to Desert Industries (the Goodwill of the West) and be like a little boy in a candy store. Me-- the whole while plugging my upturned nose in the air, trying not to touch ANYTHING. This frustrated him to the extent that he MADE me work there. Yep--he signed me up for volunteer hours and worked with me for 8 hours at the DI.

He use to bring burger king and pizza to school for lunch for me and my friends. He would just show up.

He would take me to the mall and shop often. He NEVER complained. He would follow me around, sitting in any chair possible and chat with the sales people while I did my thing.

When I could not drive my own car to school because I could not find my keys (hahah i know,) and he had to take me, he would drive around back and drop this snotty child off because I did not want any one to see him. He would always smile--never gave me lip about it (although my sister did:)

I cannot even remember how many car accidents I was in as teenager and my dad laughed when I began crying--EVERY TIME. He never once got mad at me for this. I may never understand this one!

I would come home from school and find candy bars, notes and other treats on my pillow all the time.

He supported me through more than I can even imagine or describe and spoiled me rotten!

After High School, I went off to college...things began to go south for my dad financially. Did I know? Yes, but no. He still gave and gave and gave to me. It makes me sick now that I am older, wiser and a parent. the sacrifices he made..I cannot begin to fathom them. I wish I could thank him appropriately. Yet, my dad never really "felt" the drop in stature. I do not mean in the world kind of way--yes, he had nothing, people treated him differently, life changed drastically. But in his mind, he still had all this desire and ability and faith to get back on his feet. He gave me this. Through life of my own I have begun to realize my "never give up" attitude and feeling that something better HAS to be around the corner...I got from him. There have been times when I have wondered why I don't just give up...what is this feeling with-in me to keep going? My dad. And so to the man the world threw away, I say...Thank you Dad, I love you. I miss you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Making guests feel welcome

I was watching Ellen this morning as I worked out and she had on Colin Cowie--lifestyle expert. Colin talked about how to make visiting company feel welcome in your home. With Charyce's visit hot on my tail, I thought I'd let you guys know how I did.

Colins advice:
Create a special place for them to stay--Make the bed up before hand with IRONED sheets of nothing lower than 400 thread count.
What I did:
Put her in Pony Girl's bed with unironed sheets I bought from Goodwill 5 years ago. And I had her 5 children on the floor in same unvaccuumed room.

Colins advice:
Add a note on the pillow welcoming them. Add and itinerary of things to do, places to visit, restaurants, with maps included.
What I did:
Had no plans and sent her out shopping with my vocalized haphazard directions, then when she called because she was a bit lost (in shelbyville) I did not answer the phone.

Colins advice:
Have fresh flowers in vase by bedside.
What I did:
Left Pony Girl's stinky fish in the room to make it smell nice and fishy.

Colin's advice:
Have a special I-pod by the bedside: Find out their favorite music before and download it onto said I-pod. Then place it on the bedside for them. Add some relaxing music for them as well, in case they need to unwind while there.
What I did:
Had 8 children of varying ages in the home 24/7 screaming, yelling, crying and playing at all times. Then at bedtime, I sent her to sleep in the same room with her 5 kids--2 of which got up frequently most nights.

Colins advice:
Have water and bowl of fresh fruit and chocolates by bedside with a nice candle and framed picture of you and guest from last visit--let them know they can take frame home as nice gift.
What I did:
Said "Thank you" when she bought groceries since I had forgotten and she noticed we had nothing and went out.

Colins advice:
Have bath towels etc. laid out for them and give them homemade bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. to use.
What I did:
Let her use the kids bathroom and $1.97 shampoo/conditioner I buy for the kids AND strawberry toothpaste. Figured she got herself a towel since they were in the hall closet.

Colin did not have advice for this, but I also:
Let Charyce make dinner twice, invited other friends over to enjoy it, and had her take pictures of my kids (her professional job).

All in all, I'd say I did pretty good and maybe should write a book of my own....what do ya'll think...anyone want to come stay with us?