Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It has come to my realization that I have an addictive personality. Okay, okay, I have known for awhile--I have just hid it from the world until now. Boy this blogging stuff sure does make me a tell all! Anyway, I hate Sudoku. Yep, you heard me right. I hate the STUPID (yes I said a bad word...but i mean it) game. Yet, do I stop playing, NO...why? because I am addicted. I have thrown away my copies several times and come down to the computer just to make more. Every night I say---"I will not play that game ever again" day, playing sudoku. UGH! So, it got me thinking about all the other things I have been addicted to in my life and made me realize how lucky I am to be in a religion that has helped me avoid the heavy stuff! Anyway, I thought since I am airing laundry---you would all get a kick out of my former addictions:

1) The game "free cell." It is a form of solitaire and they have 30,000 games. I once had a goal of playing and winning every single game. I kept track of all my winnings on the computer--sad but true.
2) Jolly Ranchers. On my mission, I would go through bags and bags of them....hmmm, no wonder every tooth in my mouth has a cavity.
3) Word racer. A speed spelling game played against people on the Internet. When Mr. KIR and I first moved to Illinois, I played hours and hours every night. "Oh my word!" (no pun intended)
4) Harry Potter books. I would start reading one book and sit on my butt until I had read every single one--we are talking literally do nothing but read for days, hours you name it. My kids were forced to become self reliant at a very early age---so sad to think about.
5) Many a Sewing project. I could NEVER just sew one of anything. I would make one cute thing and then sew 500 of them and give them to every one I about expensive. Then, when I am over the project, I will NEVER make one again--NEVER.
6) Craft projects. Same habit as sewing project problem.
7) Lip balm. I have to use the same brand and use it 800 times a day---when they stopped making it available here--oh, the pain--literally!
8) Flavored water--a current addiction. For some reason regular water started to make me gag---after my kidney stone incident I was drinking gallons and gallons to prevent it from happening again (like I could do a lifetime of drinking in one month). Suddenly, taking even one drink of regular water would make my gag reflex flair. So I started buying flavored water and now drink it constantly. I love it!!! First thing in the morning I grab a flavor and guzzle it down. then I exercise and drink one while I do that---orange is my favorite, but I love them all--except tropical fruit and straw./kiwi.
9) Chocolate. Current addiction! I will eat any chocolate within a 1 mile radius of my person--so watch out!
10) Ding Dongs. there was a time in my life when I had four or five a day--yep...gross I know, but I loved them. I bought one the other day for nostalgia sake and realized--these are YUCKY!
11) TV shows. Several during my life---until T-BO (or is it T-VO?) came out. Now I find that I can record shows and never watch them. I love this!

Well folks I could go on, but think this is enough--any more and I may lose friends over this!


Holly said...

You forgot your germicphobia (I don't know how to spell that)characteristics! I guess that isn't an addiction, but addiction and OCD are very closely related! :-)

Anonymous said...

girl- you are crossing a fine line :)