Thursday, April 3, 2008

Making guests feel welcome

I was watching Ellen this morning as I worked out and she had on Colin Cowie--lifestyle expert. Colin talked about how to make visiting company feel welcome in your home. With Charyce's visit hot on my tail, I thought I'd let you guys know how I did.

Colins advice:
Create a special place for them to stay--Make the bed up before hand with IRONED sheets of nothing lower than 400 thread count.
What I did:
Put her in Pony Girl's bed with unironed sheets I bought from Goodwill 5 years ago. And I had her 5 children on the floor in same unvaccuumed room.

Colins advice:
Add a note on the pillow welcoming them. Add and itinerary of things to do, places to visit, restaurants, with maps included.
What I did:
Had no plans and sent her out shopping with my vocalized haphazard directions, then when she called because she was a bit lost (in shelbyville) I did not answer the phone.

Colins advice:
Have fresh flowers in vase by bedside.
What I did:
Left Pony Girl's stinky fish in the room to make it smell nice and fishy.

Colin's advice:
Have a special I-pod by the bedside: Find out their favorite music before and download it onto said I-pod. Then place it on the bedside for them. Add some relaxing music for them as well, in case they need to unwind while there.
What I did:
Had 8 children of varying ages in the home 24/7 screaming, yelling, crying and playing at all times. Then at bedtime, I sent her to sleep in the same room with her 5 kids--2 of which got up frequently most nights.

Colins advice:
Have water and bowl of fresh fruit and chocolates by bedside with a nice candle and framed picture of you and guest from last visit--let them know they can take frame home as nice gift.
What I did:
Said "Thank you" when she bought groceries since I had forgotten and she noticed we had nothing and went out.

Colins advice:
Have bath towels etc. laid out for them and give them homemade bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. to use.
What I did:
Let her use the kids bathroom and $1.97 shampoo/conditioner I buy for the kids AND strawberry toothpaste. Figured she got herself a towel since they were in the hall closet.

Colin did not have advice for this, but I also:
Let Charyce make dinner twice, invited other friends over to enjoy it, and had her take pictures of my kids (her professional job).

All in all, I'd say I did pretty good and maybe should write a book of my own....what do ya'll think...anyone want to come stay with us?


Drowns Family said...

Yea, I will. I think that sounds great!! Who is this "Colen" and who does he think we invite to our home as guests? That kinda' treatment would make me feel like I had to shower, pick up after myself and my kids, help make dinner, and be polite!!! NO THANKS!
I like your way of playing hostes!

Marci said...

Fabulous job! I'm sure it was a wonderful time.

Marci said...

BTW, Shelbyville isn't just a little bit lost! hee hee

Charyce said...

Jackie- you are making me pee. Thanks a lot. That was HILARIOUS!
Just so you know, you were an absolute fantastic hostess!
You didn't care that I wore my pajamas the whole time I was there. You never scoffed when I wanted to pretend like my 5 kids weren't running around destroying your house and making more noise than a zoo full of animals. You did cook dinner one of the nights I was there. You hugged and loved my kids so much that they all cried when we got home and wanted to go back to your house. You figured out how to get 2 two year old boys to share cars. You pulled out the playdough and crafts (which are not allowed at my house-too much work for mommy) and allowed my kids to go bananas with the iron and those little bead-melty thingies, (which I now had to drive around to 5 stores in town just to find so we could have some to do at home by the way.) You took me, my kids, and all our crap and loved us for just the way we are.
That's what makes you such a good friend.

So, how long do I need to give you to recuperate before I come out to visit again?