Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Dad

This month would be my dad's birthday. He died 4 years ago in Aug. and I miss him most terribly. To the world, he died a dirty, poor, lonely man with nothing and nobody to speak of. The world had thrown more at him than most people could handle--a modern day Job in every sense. But to me, the child he raised, he was the world. When I was growing up, my father was a hard working, successful business man. He was giving, righteous and fantastic. And was he funny--oh so funny. He could make most people laugh at the drop of a hat. One of the guys I dated in high school said, "Your dad is like a white Bill Cosby." I always thought that was right on.

My dad loved to fish. He fished whenever he could. He loved for us kids to go with him. I cannot speak for my brother and sister, but I hated it. He would beg me to go with him and then I would get bored quickly and ask to go home every 10 seconds, YET, he still always wanted me to go with him--crazy dad! He loved to hunt and taught me to shoot a gun like nobodies business. I was the best shot in my class and that was always a source of pride for him. I still hated to hunt, (repeat fishing scenario) but shooting became a great thing between us. He would take me out and set-up all sorts of stuff for me to shoot, then check it out and praise me for it. On my 22nd birthday her bought me a .22 and was as proud as could be to know I would love it. I do.

He also loved to junk shop. Funny I know. He would take me to Desert Industries (the Goodwill of the West) and be like a little boy in a candy store. Me-- the whole while plugging my upturned nose in the air, trying not to touch ANYTHING. This frustrated him to the extent that he MADE me work there. Yep--he signed me up for volunteer hours and worked with me for 8 hours at the DI.

He use to bring burger king and pizza to school for lunch for me and my friends. He would just show up.

He would take me to the mall and shop often. He NEVER complained. He would follow me around, sitting in any chair possible and chat with the sales people while I did my thing.

When I could not drive my own car to school because I could not find my keys (hahah i know,) and he had to take me, he would drive around back and drop this snotty child off because I did not want any one to see him. He would always smile--never gave me lip about it (although my sister did:)

I cannot even remember how many car accidents I was in as teenager and my dad laughed when I began crying--EVERY TIME. He never once got mad at me for this. I may never understand this one!

I would come home from school and find candy bars, notes and other treats on my pillow all the time.

He supported me through more than I can even imagine or describe and spoiled me rotten!

After High School, I went off to college...things began to go south for my dad financially. Did I know? Yes, but no. He still gave and gave and gave to me. It makes me sick now that I am older, wiser and a parent. the sacrifices he made..I cannot begin to fathom them. I wish I could thank him appropriately. Yet, my dad never really "felt" the drop in stature. I do not mean in the world kind of way--yes, he had nothing, people treated him differently, life changed drastically. But in his mind, he still had all this desire and ability and faith to get back on his feet. He gave me this. Through life of my own I have begun to realize my "never give up" attitude and feeling that something better HAS to be around the corner...I got from him. There have been times when I have wondered why I don't just give up...what is this feeling with-in me to keep going? My dad. And so to the man the world threw away, I say...Thank you Dad, I love you. I miss you.


Lynne said...

That's a very sweet write up of your gave me misty eyes!

sam said...

Hay what a great tribute to a a great man. I love to fish myself though. You really have a great talent at writing and craft stuff it shows in you blog also. I love you


Holly said...

So what you are saying is that it was your dad that got you hooked on sweets.....? :-) That picture of A looks just like L!

Marci said...

Wonderful! Your dad has a wonderful legacy in his family, the things he taught you will live on and on... And now I know where YOU got your great sense of humor. You are an amazing person, don't ever forget that :)

Charyce said...

That was just beautiful, Jackie. Don't you DARE give up on this blogging thing! Thank you for sharing your heart. I feel like I knew him.

Drowns Family said...

Jackie, What an awesome tribute to your dad!! It was very touching to read. Never forget the moments and the way you felt when you were in them.

sam said...

Just say hello