Friday, April 18, 2008


After we put the kids to bed last night, Holly and Justin came over. We talked about where they would end up with the job thing. California came up and we discussed how I would love to live there -- near the beach of course-- The rest of the crowd did NOT agree--lots of people. earthquakes, etc. We then discussed how I drift off to sleep with thoughts of how I will gather my kids to safety in the event of a night emergency. We discussed fires, tornado's, etc. "HAHAHAHAHAHA, worried about a tsunami from Lake Charleston, Jackie. HAHAHAHAHAHA."

So last night when our house began to shake, I immediately woke Mr. KIR who just rolled over and between deep sleep breathes said, "It's just an earthquake."
Me, "We do not live in California, what is that!!!"
Mr. KIR, "An earthquake as he falls back into deep sleep."

Is this a cruel joke? Are Holly and Justin out there shaking our house. Is there going to be water at my window in the form of a tsunami next? Yes folks, thoughts of my children's safety far-- FAR-- from my mind.

As you can see, all the night time preparedness thoughts I have taken came in handy--- You may all learn from me! Let's hope you do!!


Marci said...

ha ha ha ha

I also thought in moving to Illinois I would only have to deal with tornados. I was wrong. Alrighty now, waiting for that tsunami to hit any day now.

Holly said...

I am so glad that you think Justin and I are strong and creative enough to shake your entire house in the middle of the night. Oh, you are so kind!

Nicole said...

Well to make you feel better Jack, Bob was just informing that one of the biggest documented earthquakes in history was centered in IL and made the Mississippi River flow backward for three days (Yeah I know a bank of (often) useless facts), so now ya know, it's not just California...and that being said, now ya know so now ya know how to prepare...DOOR WAYS!!