Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the kids last day of school. For Sweetums it was 1 hour (1 hour to long if you ask her) and for Pony Girl it was 2 hours. I cannot believe how fast and slow the year went. I am so proud of both of the girls and their accomplishments.

We celebrated the beginning of summer vacation by putting jackets on over our long sleeved shirts and jeans. No flip flop wearing here...we put on our socks and shoes grabbed our umbrellas and headed out to Dairy Queen. Yep--it was FREEZING today!! That however did not stop us from starting summer vacation off right---ICE CREAM and CHOCOLATE!

We came home and I decided to scrap book. It just so happened that I am so far behind that I am on the first day of school. Crazy right? I know! Anyway, I got out the pictures and thought I would share with you what my kids looked like on that day
AND.. YES, this IS exactly what Little Man did after the girls left that day!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sour Cream is good on lots of things!

I was changing a yucky diaper on Little Man last night when he informed me that he wanted some sour cream. I of course mhmmed him, and went on changing. He told me again he wanted some sour cream. To which I replied, "Yes, maybe we could have some taco's later with some sour cream." He looked at me quizically a minute and said, "No, my bum hurts I want some sour cream."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


One night on the way home from the girls dance class, I got turned around and kind of lost-- the never ending corn/soy fields don't really help those of us who are directionally challenged. I could not figure out which way I was going because the roads are curvey and long, and N/S/E/W make no sense to me. We ended up about 45 minutes outside of Charleston before I found someone home in the extremely separated farm houses that could tell me the exact directions to take. So, for Christmas, Mr. KIR gave me a navigation system. I love it.

Well for my birthday, Mr KIR gave me a back-up system. A little camera you place on the license plate with a TV like thing you hook to your dash board. It lets you see behind you as you back up. It automatically comes on when the car is in reverse and then shuts off as soon as you put it into drive....I love it too, but, can't figure out why Mr. KIR thought this one was necessary? Some things will just always remain a mystery I guess.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shave and a hair cut...

Well folks, it is that time of the week again--the time for my mother-of-the-year story--the kind that make you all jealous and wishing I would STOP making you all look bad.

Today was the dog shave day. Now before you say, "WHAT?"....I did try to take the dog to the groomers this time. However, Mr. KIR did not want me to fork out $30.00, and just told me to do it. So, being the subservient, obedient wife that I am, I said, "Yes, dear."
But... today, I was wiser than the last event. I first hid Little Man's tractor and got the garbage bag near me. I put on a video for Little Man and I studied Momo a bit first. I decided to spray the girls detangling spray on his hair and then brush it out--this way, allowing the clippers to breeze through his fur and not get stuck, causing me to loose patients and just shave it without an attachment . I used the same size attachment all over and I also cut his facial and ear hair with scissors so as not to get it so short. I'd say I did a pretty good job---now-- here comes the hmmmm part.

I glanced up as I noticed Little Man sitting there all cute-like. I was thinking how he too needed a hair cut and then...YEP, I said, "Hey Little Man want a haircut like Momo?" What little boy would not want to look like their dog? So he came right over. I, the germaphobe, cut Little Man's hair using the same scissors and clippers I had just used on the dog. Oh I cannot believe it myself, but this is the kind of stuff gossip is made of and who doesn't want to be the center of that? In my defense though, I did give him (Little Man, not Momo) a bath right after, and for Heaven sakes, he plays and cuddles with the dog all the time...right? Plus, I am a very busy woman and when stuff needs to get done, well, let's just say, I do not mess around. Just don't tell my husband, okay:)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Oh this weekend was so eventful! So many stories to choose from---I have chosen my favorite two to share so here is #1

My sweet Pony Girl and her friend Haylee saw a little mouse in the window well of our basement window. I, aware of his plite (since once they fall in, they cannot get out) was secretly happy for the rodents demise before he made his way into our home, and did not give his plite another thought. Pony Girl and haylee, however took the fellas problem to heart and set out so save his life (dag naben Stewart Little--who comes up with these shows anyway?) I think, "If he finds his way back and into this house there is NO saving his little butt then." (Excuse the adult language, but I am SERIOUS--if you know what I mean), if you don't let's just say I have a BB gun and am not afraid to use it--(you know best in hunters safety course and all.)

Anyway, back to Pony Girl and her friend, they grabbed a broom (NO, not one from the house as I FORBID them from using anything that belongs inside this house) and a plastic bag--(now that is my kind of saving a mouse device) and some tape. The idea: put food in a planter that fell down there, when he crawls in, tip it up so he can't get out (this part went great.) Then, put food in a bag, tape it to the broom handle, lower bag down and let him crawl in, pull him to safety and be a mouse's hero for the day.

Now Haylee's friends mom, Ashley, and I had retired to the deck and were sunning our beautiful legs and faces while watching this episode. Ashley began to feel sorry for the sad sorry ideas and efforts and mentioned that since he was already stuck in the planter, to simply go down into the well and pick up the planter. My BRAVE (HAHAHAHHA if you know her) Pony GIrl said , "Yes put me down." Haylee was a bit leery and decided to only go if Pony Girl went. They went. Now I see an opportunity of a life-time AND mother of the year award resume opportunity and say, "Before you pick up the planter mouse house, use your plastic bag and pick up all the trash that is down there." Good I know!! Pony Girl eagerly picked up trash while Haylee kept saying, "I don't know what is living under that." I told her nothing since it has been winter and everything is dead. Good again, I know!! So they began picking trash up and discovered some sort of nest and Haylee wanted OUT- NOW. Pony Girl was not quite as scared but a bit timid. I mildly say, (having no idea if it its true) oh silly girls, that is the mouses house he built in case he had to live down there a long time. Just don't touch it, and pick up the rest of that trash.
They pick up the rodent, bring him to safety and I got a clean window well out of the deal. All in all I'd say a happy ending.
However the story does not end there--no-sir-e-bob! Our kids have let the rodent go, but he is sticking around due to the food. They are watching and building him a new home.

Then our silly neighbor comes over to see what all the hubbub is about, He sees the little guy, looks in his hands (he is carrying spray paint) and decided to paint the fellas butt orange. No joke.

So, the kids named him Illini.

On to event #2 (no pictures to add to this one sorry, you will just have to use your imagination)

As you may or may not know, I am on a member of the Habitat for Humanity Selection Committee. I was scheduled to go on a visit early Saturday morning with the head of the committee. I also had to take the dog to the vet. I take some Medicine I have to take daily and head off to the vet. Now, this medicine usually makes me a bit nauseous and dizzy for about 5 minutes or so, 20 minutes after I take it. No problem, I am use to it. However, yesterday I began to get a massive headache due to allergies. I had no allergy medicine in the house and so they were getting worse as I just spent 30 minutes in a vet office-- this was aiding and abetting my nausea, but I was in a hurry so did not think much of it. Well, I picked up some allergy medicine and took it, along with 4 ibuprofen, as I drop off the dog and quickly head out to the Habitat meeting. I get in Jana's car and start to feel a bit, ummmm, not well. I think, "Oh my word, what in the sam hills have I done...I have not eaten ANYTHING."

I say, "ummm, I need some water." Jana notices the BP station along the road. I run--another DUMB move, in and grab a gator-ade (sp?). I get back in the car and drink---okay guzzle.

Hmmm, a few minutes go by and I say, "Ummm Jana, I think I am going to throw up." She swerves and pulls over. I open the door and mostly make it (yep the ole upchuck) outside. I am laughing and vomiting.

She wants to know if I just want to go home."No, No, I say, I am fine."

We head into the habitat meeting and it is HOT and I mean HOT in this house. I start to feel a bit queasy again. Jana notices, and mentions crackers. The nice lady has some cheeze-its and I eat one. I think, 'Hmmm, I am not sure this is a good idea, but eat three more so as not to be rude."

10 seconds later, I am RUNNING for the door, hand over mouth and catch the first vomit appearance in my hand as I open the door.

Second appearance---not so lucky--as my hand is full, I upchuck all over their welcome door rug. NICE!

I vomit again as Jana comes out with a garbage can.

She looks at me funny as I have vomit all over my face and am standing awkwardly trying to figure out what to do. I say, "ummmm, could I get some wet wipes" She hands me 2 (UGH) and says, "Here are my keys why don't you go sit in the car, I'll be fine."

"Really," I think, "huh, you'd rather go in there alone than with a vomiting member?" --surprising I know! So, I gladly go to the car and sit and giggle and sit and giggle. I feel like my head may just explode at any minute, but cannot stop laughing. Oh the embarrassment.
These people better qualify for a house! If not, I think I owe them a new welcome mat!