Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Oh this weekend was so eventful! So many stories to choose from---I have chosen my favorite two to share so here is #1

My sweet Pony Girl and her friend Haylee saw a little mouse in the window well of our basement window. I, aware of his plite (since once they fall in, they cannot get out) was secretly happy for the rodents demise before he made his way into our home, and did not give his plite another thought. Pony Girl and haylee, however took the fellas problem to heart and set out so save his life (dag naben Stewart Little--who comes up with these shows anyway?) I think, "If he finds his way back and into this house there is NO saving his little butt then." (Excuse the adult language, but I am SERIOUS--if you know what I mean), if you don't let's just say I have a BB gun and am not afraid to use it--(you know best in hunters safety course and all.)

Anyway, back to Pony Girl and her friend, they grabbed a broom (NO, not one from the house as I FORBID them from using anything that belongs inside this house) and a plastic bag--(now that is my kind of saving a mouse device) and some tape. The idea: put food in a planter that fell down there, when he crawls in, tip it up so he can't get out (this part went great.) Then, put food in a bag, tape it to the broom handle, lower bag down and let him crawl in, pull him to safety and be a mouse's hero for the day.

Now Haylee's friends mom, Ashley, and I had retired to the deck and were sunning our beautiful legs and faces while watching this episode. Ashley began to feel sorry for the sad sorry ideas and efforts and mentioned that since he was already stuck in the planter, to simply go down into the well and pick up the planter. My BRAVE (HAHAHAHHA if you know her) Pony GIrl said , "Yes put me down." Haylee was a bit leery and decided to only go if Pony Girl went. They went. Now I see an opportunity of a life-time AND mother of the year award resume opportunity and say, "Before you pick up the planter mouse house, use your plastic bag and pick up all the trash that is down there." Good I know!! Pony Girl eagerly picked up trash while Haylee kept saying, "I don't know what is living under that." I told her nothing since it has been winter and everything is dead. Good again, I know!! So they began picking trash up and discovered some sort of nest and Haylee wanted OUT- NOW. Pony Girl was not quite as scared but a bit timid. I mildly say, (having no idea if it its true) oh silly girls, that is the mouses house he built in case he had to live down there a long time. Just don't touch it, and pick up the rest of that trash.
They pick up the rodent, bring him to safety and I got a clean window well out of the deal. All in all I'd say a happy ending.
However the story does not end there--no-sir-e-bob! Our kids have let the rodent go, but he is sticking around due to the food. They are watching and building him a new home.

Then our silly neighbor comes over to see what all the hubbub is about, He sees the little guy, looks in his hands (he is carrying spray paint) and decided to paint the fellas butt orange. No joke.

So, the kids named him Illini.

On to event #2 (no pictures to add to this one sorry, you will just have to use your imagination)

As you may or may not know, I am on a member of the Habitat for Humanity Selection Committee. I was scheduled to go on a visit early Saturday morning with the head of the committee. I also had to take the dog to the vet. I take some Medicine I have to take daily and head off to the vet. Now, this medicine usually makes me a bit nauseous and dizzy for about 5 minutes or so, 20 minutes after I take it. No problem, I am use to it. However, yesterday I began to get a massive headache due to allergies. I had no allergy medicine in the house and so they were getting worse as I just spent 30 minutes in a vet office-- this was aiding and abetting my nausea, but I was in a hurry so did not think much of it. Well, I picked up some allergy medicine and took it, along with 4 ibuprofen, as I drop off the dog and quickly head out to the Habitat meeting. I get in Jana's car and start to feel a bit, ummmm, not well. I think, "Oh my word, what in the sam hills have I done...I have not eaten ANYTHING."

I say, "ummm, I need some water." Jana notices the BP station along the road. I run--another DUMB move, in and grab a gator-ade (sp?). I get back in the car and drink---okay guzzle.

Hmmm, a few minutes go by and I say, "Ummm Jana, I think I am going to throw up." She swerves and pulls over. I open the door and mostly make it (yep the ole upchuck) outside. I am laughing and vomiting.

She wants to know if I just want to go home."No, No, I say, I am fine."

We head into the habitat meeting and it is HOT and I mean HOT in this house. I start to feel a bit queasy again. Jana notices, and mentions crackers. The nice lady has some cheeze-its and I eat one. I think, 'Hmmm, I am not sure this is a good idea, but eat three more so as not to be rude."

10 seconds later, I am RUNNING for the door, hand over mouth and catch the first vomit appearance in my hand as I open the door.

Second appearance---not so lucky--as my hand is full, I upchuck all over their welcome door rug. NICE!

I vomit again as Jana comes out with a garbage can.

She looks at me funny as I have vomit all over my face and am standing awkwardly trying to figure out what to do. I say, "ummmm, could I get some wet wipes" She hands me 2 (UGH) and says, "Here are my keys why don't you go sit in the car, I'll be fine."

"Really," I think, "huh, you'd rather go in there alone than with a vomiting member?" --surprising I know! So, I gladly go to the car and sit and giggle and sit and giggle. I feel like my head may just explode at any minute, but cannot stop laughing. Oh the embarrassment.
These people better qualify for a house! If not, I think I owe them a new welcome mat!


Nicole said...

okay so todays tales leaving me saying, "Umm, eeewww!" First with the mouse, somehow I don't ever see that happenning in our future with two boys, I see tales of woah for the poor little thing.

As for the latter situation, thank you for avoiding the photo op! Gotta say I can closely relate quite a few times over the past several months. So glad you spent it giggling afterwards, cause I might have done the same thing!!! Love ya Jacks!!

Lynne said...

Let me first just say that when you started out your first story with "my sweet big A" I did not think the post was going to be about your kids...and I'm glad it wasn't about your sweet big A either! The next Habitat Meeting is going to be great - totally at your expense, but great none the less. :-)

Nebeker News said...

BOy eventful week end, that addia is going to make a great vet, Saving animals of all sizes. As for the vomit oh well, I would have blamed it on the states of the house even if the house was clean it makes for a more interesting story.

Jackie said...

Nicole--no kidding on the boy and mouse thing---ohhh gross I can see and smell it now!

Lynne: I have no idea what you are talking about with the 'other" kind of sweet big A!

Paul: this last house was actually fine--they were applying for other reasons...eewwww, can you imagine me eating food from anything other?Ohhh you are going to make me throw up just thinking about it

Holly said...

That mouse is huge!!! That's not a mouse, it is a guinee pig!!