Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the kids last day of school. For Sweetums it was 1 hour (1 hour to long if you ask her) and for Pony Girl it was 2 hours. I cannot believe how fast and slow the year went. I am so proud of both of the girls and their accomplishments.

We celebrated the beginning of summer vacation by putting jackets on over our long sleeved shirts and jeans. No flip flop wearing here...we put on our socks and shoes grabbed our umbrellas and headed out to Dairy Queen. Yep--it was FREEZING today!! That however did not stop us from starting summer vacation off right---ICE CREAM and CHOCOLATE!

We came home and I decided to scrap book. It just so happened that I am so far behind that I am on the first day of school. Crazy right? I know! Anyway, I got out the pictures and thought I would share with you what my kids looked like on that day
AND.. YES, this IS exactly what Little Man did after the girls left that day!


Joy said...

Hey Jackie, I love your blog. Paul and Ethan were here visiting this weekend. It sure was great having them here. I was working on getting my blog started and he told me that you had a great one so I check it out to get inspiration!! Have a great day!! Joy

Nebeker News said...

It sure is fun to see the kids. We end school on thursday. Mom and dads graves look good. Moves Flowers have not yet bloomed but they are alive and well.


Holly said...

I love it, I love it! Now update!