Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shave and a hair cut...

Well folks, it is that time of the week again--the time for my mother-of-the-year story--the kind that make you all jealous and wishing I would STOP making you all look bad.

Today was the dog shave day. Now before you say, "WHAT?"....I did try to take the dog to the groomers this time. However, Mr. KIR did not want me to fork out $30.00, and just told me to do it. So, being the subservient, obedient wife that I am, I said, "Yes, dear."
But... today, I was wiser than the last event. I first hid Little Man's tractor and got the garbage bag near me. I put on a video for Little Man and I studied Momo a bit first. I decided to spray the girls detangling spray on his hair and then brush it out--this way, allowing the clippers to breeze through his fur and not get stuck, causing me to loose patients and just shave it without an attachment . I used the same size attachment all over and I also cut his facial and ear hair with scissors so as not to get it so short. I'd say I did a pretty good job---now-- here comes the hmmmm part.

I glanced up as I noticed Little Man sitting there all cute-like. I was thinking how he too needed a hair cut and then...YEP, I said, "Hey Little Man want a haircut like Momo?" What little boy would not want to look like their dog? So he came right over. I, the germaphobe, cut Little Man's hair using the same scissors and clippers I had just used on the dog. Oh I cannot believe it myself, but this is the kind of stuff gossip is made of and who doesn't want to be the center of that? In my defense though, I did give him (Little Man, not Momo) a bath right after, and for Heaven sakes, he plays and cuddles with the dog all the time...right? Plus, I am a very busy woman and when stuff needs to get done, well, let's just say, I do not mess around. Just don't tell my husband, okay:)


Nicole said...

Well done, Momo looks great this go round, you have perfected the art!

As for Lauson, he is always cute and a little sharing if fine, just so long as it's not the toothbrush, eewwww!

Can't wait to see you all!

Nebeker News said...

I say I will start to referr clients to you for grooming. AS for my son Ethan I will continue to fork out 6.50 for a pro to cut his hair. My question i show did all the hair taste?

Jackie said...

Nebeker: What --did what hair taste?