Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good-bye dear friends

Today our dear friends moved. It is funny how fast two years can go when you are not paying attention! Holly and Justin moved here two years ago to finish school. Little Man was just a baby. As I helped pack up their house Holly reminded me of when I helped them unpack how Little Man was not even crawling. He is now almost three and totally attached to the Wright's like they are family. To us, they are! But as they have both graduated, it is time for them to move on to greener pastures--how they could leave Charleston when we have by far the MOST "green pastures" around is beyond my childrens comprehension, but leave they did. I feel as though part of my heart moved with them today. We wish them luck, success and joy, but will miss them more than they will ever know!

So, today I will reminisce about our journey from acquaintances to family hood. It started because Holly is the younger sister to Ashley my dear friend. They moved here and we took them in as "younger siblings" as Holly's mom needed reassurance that someone would watch out for them. (Boy did they need it--not--Good thing we were here:) The "younger" sibling thing lasted about 2 seconds as we instantly became friends and relied on each other...Us from them: babysitting, help shopping for the "in" things, laughter, and free entertainment as Justin is quite the ham. Them from us: Food, baby Little Man, more food, and TV. We ate many meals together and played games and ate junk food almost every Sunday night, double dated, watched movies, took up hobbies together (Mr. KIR and Justin joined the fire department, and Holly and I started making cards). and spent time doing nothing together a lot. I hit both their cars (one of them twice), they ate our food like we were the third grocery store in town, whenever Holly locked herself out, she came to our house, our kids climbed all over and irritated them often with noise and messes, we planted a garden together, they fed our fish and stupid birds when we were gone, they used our computers and printers and made our house their second home. we borrowed and used, yelled and grumped, laughed and cried. It will be different here without them. Different and a bit to the family they moved home to I say, "Take care of them for us. I need to know they will have someone there watching out for them."

Game night

Fire boys
Justin tormenting Little Man and Little Man loving it!


Holly said...

I was so proud of myself that I posted something so quickly. And then I check on your blog and find myself completely speechless and in tears....again. There is nothing I can say that expresses my feelings right now. All I can do is cry.

missy said...

Sterling is going to be so upset when he realizes he didn't get to say goodbye. Holly & Justin were supposed to stop by on Sunday and that reassurance was the only way Sterling would let me drive out of the church parking lot. Somehow that fell through and now they're gone. We'll miss them, too! When they come back to visit, please send them over!!!
By the way, cute new look on the blog!

Marci said...

Man, it's so difficult when our friends move away - especially the ones who have been our family when our family isn't around. You have me all choked up, too! Thanks for being our family and promise to never move away :)