Friday, June 13, 2008

I love my KIDS

We have been busy! Pony Girl started tennis and Sweetums started T-ball. They both LOVE these new activities and it has been so fun watching them excel!

However with their activities, late nights, early rising (yes they are still getting up with Mr. KIR--ugh!), and hot days, Life has gotten crazy. Yesterday, I had it! Our house was a mess, the kids were tired and grumpy and well...let's just say I lost it. It was a bad day! I mean BAD! I think if there was an award for mean mom, I would have won hands down...yet, this morning, my kids were so wonderful. They never stop amazing me. They made me breakfast in bed.

When I said, "What is this for?" Pony Girl said, "We love you and this is 'Happy Smiley' day."

It sure is I tell ya!


Marci said...

How cute! Breakfast in bed, how nice... You do have great kids!

Nebeker News said...

Those legs on little are are skinny. Hit a homer for me. The farm pictures look like you all had a great time. Tell mark happy fathers day.