Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Simple Things

As I sit and ponder how to say this, I am still laughing to myself at how simple things in life tell BIG stories. First off, my friend Charyce came back (crazy, I know, right)! But, this time, I did buy groceries and told her to please feel free to use the master bath shower. I know it is a FAR cry from the advice of the guest guru on Oprah, but hey...baby steps.

Now, I think I am an okay mom, my kids are usually clean, fed and well mannered. I sign them up for baseball, dance, piano---etc. They do chores and play nicely together...however, it has been brought to my attention through one of those "simple" things that...well...my mothering is a far cry from what I think. Let's just go on with the story, shall we?!

As I said, I bought groceries for our company and actually had an idea of what would be a meal before it was time to eat. So, I got out some chicken and the crock pot and started to make a meal for dinner.

Sweetums looks at the chicken and crock pot and says, "What is that?"

"I say, a crock pot, and some chicken. You've had this before?!?"

She says, "I don't think so."

I start to chuckle and then stop dead...trying to remember the last time I cooked with real, well, anything.

Hmmm," I think, "Do I really use canned and processed foods that much?"

As Pony Girl would say..."Apparently so!"

I guess baby steps need to be taken elsewhere in my life as well!


Nicole said...

I love it!! If nothing else chalk it up to you taught your daughter something new, lol! She's gotta learn at some point about cooking and what better time than when she can got an edge, and remember it all. Just think one day this will be an awesome story whether or not you laugh about it or not.
One other thing, just remember the sooner they learn how to cook the sooner you won't have to, j/k well, sorta. (By the way you ARE a great MOM)

Marci said...

HA HA HA... Ha ha ha!