Thursday, July 3, 2008

A boy and his underwear

As I was cleaning the 1/2 bath in our house, Little Man came to me and said, "Mom, I gonna go put on my undies okay." I thought, "HMMMM, my un-potty trained 2 year old wants his underwear on....good thing or bad? But I was up to my elbows in toilet water (not literally you silly's) and the goal was to simply get him out of the bathroom before he wanted to "help". So I said, "Okay, you go get on your undies."

He came back downstairs a few minutes later with a pair of Mr. KIR's underwear on---two little legs in one hole, and a big smile on his face. "Look mom, I got my undies on."


Holly said...

The kid cracks me up! Hey I wanted to tell you that in the new jersey airport I saw a new book by stephanie meyers called "the host". it is a new book and different story. Love ya!

Marci said...

Hey, reminds me of the time that Jordan wore Mark's "underwear" as his PE shirt in school. I knew that wasn't going to fit Bryan :)