Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hannah Montana Concert

Night of the Hannah Montana Concert at our Home

Act 1 Scene 1

6:30 pm.
Mother downstairs cleaning

Pony Girl enters room (using whinny voice and panicked look of desperation): "Mom, the Hannah Montana movie is about to start. We need our glasses NOW!"

Mother: "Okay sweetheart, I will come get them in a second."

Pony Girl: "We do not have a second. We need them NOW!"

Mother (as she exits room): "Okay, okay."

End Scene

Act 1 Scene 2

7:15 pm

Mother enters room dancing and singing song on TV and finds Pony Girl laying on couch with 3d glasses on and Sweetums sitting in chair with 3d glasses on. Both have "blank stare off into space" look on faces.

Mother (still dancing like jiving fool she is): "How's the concert?"

Sweetums: "Do we have to watch this?"

Mother (With quizzical look on face): "Ummmmmm, no."

Pony Girl: "This is a dumb movie--all it is is singing."

Mother (stifling laugh): "Honey it is a movie of a concert. A concert IS music. It is where an artist gets on stage and sings all their songs and the audience dances, sings along, and screams."

Pony Girl: stares blankly at mother

Sweetums stares blankly at mother

Mother shaking head, exits room.


A brief intermission of 10 minutes

Act 2 Scene 1

Mothers enters room (jiving of course) and finds both Kids dancing, singing and jiving to the beat. She smiles and leaves room.

End scene

Act 2 Scene 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...............................

Mother, Father and Boy enter room sporadically throughout rest of evening.

Pony Girl with remote in hand rewinding and stopping then rewinding and stopping show.
Pony Girl and Sweetums dancing, jiving, and singing along.


Lynne said...

Mine watched it too with great anticipation...they got bored part way into it and at some point I realized (to my horror) that I was sitting alone there in the living staring at the screen with some paper glasses on. What does this say about me??
* I would like to ad that I did turn it off when I realized that I was alone!

Lynne said...

living room that is -- my amnesia is reaching new heights when I can't even remember the rest of a word...

Cory said...

We don't have Hanna Montana fans at my house - 2 boys=no Hanna Montana. BUT . . . I went to see Mama Mia with some friends and when that comes out on DVD I plan on buying it and doing some dancing and jiving like crazy while I am watching it. Of course, no one else will be home at the time!!!

Nebeker News said...

well I would ahve danced and jived had I been there. I don't even know a hanna song. I am glad all is well.