Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Locked out Again!

Okay Okay---I know that I do this often, but I swear, this time was NOT my fault! See, last night we had a major storm. The kids and I went around gathering all the toys and lawn paraphernalia we have and came in SOAKING wet, Sweetums was furious with me for making her get this way...but alas, I, mother of the year here, did not care. Anyway, when it was all said and done, we lost the lid to the sand box, a few pool toys and our power. Now keep in mind that all our neighbors had power and were singing and dancing in lighted joints. Not us, we were drying off, picking up toys, and bathing...FAST! All the stuff we needed light to do, we did in 10 seconds flat (including our reading for 20 minutes:0 I know we are amazing!!) So as soon as it got dark, I just sent the kids to bed. Now, this was about 8:45 give or take as the power was out and I did not know what time it was. I grabbed a flashlight and headed downstairs. I had a loaf of bread that had been rising and a load of laundry that was sitting patiently in the dryer and dishes needed a good bath, and last but not least, a sump pump that needed to do it's job--quickly. The bread was now overflowing the pan, the laundry was still sitting, the dishes were fine, so I grabbed a bowl to start my own sump pump duties if necessary (GROSSSSSS). Mr. KIR came home about this time to start the generator for the sump pump duty (PHEW!) I ran outside to help him and the kids came down to see. I sent them upstairs. They came down again. I sent them upstairs. They came down again and I sent them upstairs---do you see the pattern? so, Mr. KIR gets the generator running, we hook up the sump pump and he heads back to his fire house meeting. I head back insi...hmmm, the door is locked. WHAT? we Never lock the garage door (yes all you burglars out there our garage door is usually unlocked) However, this time....3 minutes after the kids have just been told to go back upstairs for the 8 billionth time, the door is locked. I go around to the front and ring, ring, ring , ring, ring, the doorbell. NOBODY comes. "WHAT?" I think---my kids were down here 3 minutes ago and they choose NOW to fall asleep? Yes sirree. It was raining, dark and I had no phone to call. My neighbors--you know, the ones who were dancing and singing in the light of power, let me use theirs. 30 minutes later, Mr. KIR came home and unlocked the door. Thank goodness it was not sooner because I had time to clean the garage and feed a few HUNDRED mosquitoes. I mean it was just what I had planned on doing in the rain with a LOUD generator helping me go deaf last night!


Marci said...

Poor Jackie - maybe you should carry your keys around your neck at all times. hee hee

Anonymous said...

very funny marci:)

Nicole said...

you need a hide a key I see...or maybe more than one?? Aren't you so glad that the kids finally listened?