Sunday, July 13, 2008


My older daughters have been staying with their grandparents for the last three days. So I got a serious laugh when we got in the car to go to church today and Little Man ask for Hannah. I put on some primary music thinking he just wanted some songs. He said, "NO! HANNAH MONTANA." So, curious, I put her on. He began singing along, and told me to "turn it up in the back."


Nicole said...

too funny, it's amazing the influence older siblings have. "L" officially KNOWS what he WANTS!!

Marci said...

Ahhh, to have two older sisters... many funny stories.

missy said...

Bring that L over to sing karaoke with Sadie. She's great on HS Musical!! By the way, consider yourself tagged. See my blog for details. (This is all Lynne's fault...)