Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Games and more Games

I love to play games. I love it--I am usually game (teehee) to play anytime. My favorites are Wacky Six, Hand and Foot and Pit, but will play mostly anything (monopoly excluded) if someone else is game (there I go again, teehee). Pony Girl and Sweetums have acquired my love of games as well and ask me often to play. I usually am all game (ha). However, today while I was working out, Little Man came to me with candy land, and I thought, "I HATE this game." I do, I HATE that game. But, I, being the fantastic mother that I am got on the floor and played with him. Now, my two year old plays candy land all on his own but likes my constant "good job" comments. So , while I was "good jobbing it", my mind began analysing all the kids games we have in the house, and even some we don't. I put together a list of some of the games we own for all y'alls viewing pleasure. Lucky You!

1) Candy Land - feelings already known.
2) Crazy Eights -- love, Pony Girl and I play often.
3) Hi-Ho Cherry-O -- Totally love! I mean what is not fun about spinning a spinner and picking fruit? Plus, the new version has different types of trees all in the same game orchard so all the fruit colors are different as well.
4) Buckaroo -- kids LOVE this one and giggle every time the horse bucks--they end up trying to buck the horse--silly kids.
5)Don"t Break the Ice -- UGH--I am telling you, this game takes 7 hours (okay maybe only ten minutes) to set up and a total of 3 seconds to demolish. I refuse to play.
6) Guess Who -- boring--enough said.
7)Kerplunk (sp)--Love this one. takes a bit to set up but good clean fun!
8)Uno - Fun! Good for learning numbers and colors
9) Princess Matching Game -- UGH--there are 700 (literally) cards and it is soooo hard to actually find a match with all those cards. I even chucked 1/2 the cards. Also another one I refuse to play.
10) Elefun -- Another favorite of my kids. Crazy things blowing all over my house--how can that not be a blast!

But my favorite and my kids as well is...(drum roll in mind please)

11) Bed Bugs! It is the BEST game ever! I bought it at a garage sale and loved it so much I tried to buy a new one and found out it is out of print--so be Jealous--be very very jealous! A plastic board in the shape of a bed is the playing field. A snoring man is sleeping away and you dump an entire bed full of little colored plastic bugs all over him. Everyone gets a plastic pair of tweezers and you turn it on. The bed begins to shake and the bugs start a jumpin'. Everyone tries to grab the bugs that match their tweezers and pull them off the bed. Ahhh, good fun. In fact, I have to go, it is time to chuck Candy Land and get out Bed Bugs!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barn Life

You know when you move into a house and things are amiss--you just blame the previous occupants, right? Well, what do you do when you built the house just a mere three years ago and things are amiss? You blame the kids, right? I do anyway. See, since school started, I have been cleaning house. I don't mean the regular stuff- I mean getting rid of the -we have been living large and cleaning little because it is summer and we are busy- grime. And, I have discovered, a sad realization--our house is in shambles. I have discovered things I do not even want to know what they are and things that make me cringe. Here are a few examples:

hmmm, this looks like a good spot to place the rocking chair and make a loud banging sound.

If I can just push this thing a bit harder, I know it will fit.

Why looky here, If I take a nail and jab it into the wall and then pull the little pieces that come out, I get a cool design.

Let's run around in a circle and whack the door out or our way, even though it seems to not want to go that way.

Wowser, if I draw with this permanent marker on this white door, I will be able to see my art work FOREVER!

I am aghast. I feel that maybe, just maybe, I live with a few animals--Momo excluded. I now understand why people say, "What, were you raised in a barn?" I thought something must be done with these monkeys I live with. So, being the good parent I am, I gathered them around to discuss this problem. The discussion and "barn" question were met with blank stares. Then Sweetums says in a sing songy voice, "I'm the pig!" I think, Yes, my sweet one, you are -- one of the cutest three little pigs around.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. Here are pictures.
In case you can't tell how it went, let me tell you. Semi Horrible. YEP! We got in the car on time and headed out. When we arrive, Sweetums informs me that she is not going. She is staying in the car. I think, "Okay, this is just jitters and a reflex from last year." I hand Little Man off to Pony Girl and pull Sweetums out of the car. She walks--only because people are around. We get to her class and there are people there (of course) and she goes into her little shell. I hold back my tears, hand off Little Man again and gently take her in. She is pulling against forces the whole way. I set down her book bag and say, "Let's take Pony Girl to her class and come back." She gladly retreats to the hall and as we proceed, she is saying, "I am not staying." "I want to go home RIGHT NOW." We drop off Pony Girl and head back. When we arrive at her door again, she plasters herself against the wall. I think, "hmmmm, should I just let her come home?" Her teacher comes out and gently takes her (well as gently as you can when a child is pushing against you with all her 6 year old might) and says to me in the sweetest voice, "She will be fine. If she is not, we will call you." I stay there for a few minutes worried. I head to the car and then find myself turning around to check. I cannot leave her like that. Her teacher sees me and says, "She is fine." I know that what she means is she is not crying, she is sitting quietly at her desk, so all is well. But I know she will not cry in public. She will just crawl inside her little self and be scared. I just keep thinking that this teacher is so sweet and nice. She will not get ignored or forgotten, she will be cuddled today and will be fine. I walk by Pony Girl's room and she smiles and waves. I head to the car to go home and cry...I keep busy waiting for the bus by helping Little Man go potty 972 times in 3 hours. It pulls up, I RUN out. Here are more pictures.

Are those smiles I see on two faces? YEP! I say, "How was it girls?" They both say, "Great." I bear hug them and tell them how worried I was. I ask if we are going back tomorrow. sweetums looks ponderous for a minute and says, "Yes."

Ahhh, all is well.

Potty Time update 2

okay okay, this is getting ridiculous. He goes every ten seconds just to get candy. I keep saying, "You do not get candy for sitting on the potty, you get candy for going pee pee or poo poo." Crazy, but a few drops come out every time___UGH! The boy is working the system!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potty Time update

I cannot believe it--day two and he has gone and got on the potty by himself like 6 times. I hear a loud thunk (toilet lid going up) and when I investigate he is on the potty. Sheesh...if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have started years ago:)

UGH time

It has been 30 minutes so...in our house it means--POTTY TIME---again! YEA--(Ugh!) Yep, Little Man has been showing a desire to potty train all summer and I, the perfect mother that I am, have been ignoring him! YEP, I just ignore and buy diapers. Well, yesterday, he informed me that he was not going to wear diapers today. He had on underpants when he informed me, so I had to take him serious. (Curse me for buying them in the first place.) He got them out and put them on himself. My face smiled and said, "Oh, big boy underpants, okay, let's go potty." He did (OF COURSE) and I did the pee pee song and dance, and then gave him candy. Then I growned within my heart. Oh no, it really is time. I hate potty training. I know this sounds crazy because it is such freedom right? But that freedom only comes after 1 week of the timer going off every 30 minutes and me stopping whatever I am doing and running to help. Sounds selfish? It is...I know, and I still don't seem to get it. I just hate the thought of pee and poo maybe getting all over and the clock timer ruling my life. So, if any of you have suggestions or...want to come on over and do it for me, there is candy in it for you!:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweetum's party

Sweetums turned 6 today! Cool piece of trivia for you--she shares a birthday with her great aunt and great grandma on her maternal grandpa's side. Neat huh! Anyway, we had a pool party in her honor yesterday and had 13 little kids running a-muck in our yard. It was a BLAST! Here are some fun pictures of the event.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay people you think I would have learned by now! Today Little Man and Sweetum's and I were downstairs in the craft room. I was scrapping and they were making melties (I am pretty sure that is not what they are called, but that is what we call them here.) Anyway, they are these little beads you place on a shaped platter with little spikes. After you have filled the platter, you melt the little beads with an iron and you have a "melty"...in the shape of your choice.The kids LOVE these and we make tons of these a week (Mommy also recycles tons of these a week, but shhhhhh.)

So today, my little nose picking two year old comes over and says with his finger up his nose, "Get it mom." I look up and reply, "No picka the nose Little Man," wipe his finger off and go about my scrapping. It was my 5 year old who got it. She looked at Little Man and said, "UMMMMMM what is up there?" Then a LIGHT went on and I said," Little Man, come over here." He did and yep folks--the kid had stuck something else up his nose. A tiny melty was way up there. I had to use some spiky tweezers that scare me to death to get it out.

He did not even flinch--ugh! After I finally got it out I said, "DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!" In my most forceful mommy voice. He said--in true last child form--, "NO, you don't do that again." And with that comment I realized that most likely Both of us are probably going to be doing that again.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was so proud of myself yesterday and today. Sweetums has been asking to take gymnastics for awhile now and so we went with a friend to class. She would NOT go in. My first instinct (before the whole diving board thing)---make her. Just take her by the hand and pull her in. She would have fun and love it. I did not do this----yay me. Throughout the class she would say things like, "I want to jump in the squares." I would ask if she wanted to go in, but had no inclination to make her. ahhhh, I am amazed at me. She always said, "No!" Then when class was over,(1 hour and 30 minutes of sitting) she said, "okay, I want to go in now." Funny, yes! Rewarding, YES! she and I went in the door for just a second as the girls were leaving and she said, "Okay, mom, sign me up."

Then today we went to a birthday party she has been talking about for weeks (2 to be exact) and when we got there, she saw the other girls (birthday girl and two of her friends included) and would not get out of the car. NOPE! In fact when the b-day girl came over all excited to see her, she unbuckled and hid on the floor. Silly girl. I thought, the old me would pick her up and carry her in there. But, not this wet t-shirt, diving board, embarrassed mom, I simply told her that she could get out and I would go in with her and stay the entire party, or we could go home. Her choice. Lots more girls were coming, so I just kept trying - gently- and she kept refusing. Finally after all the girls had gone in, I simply said, "Sweetheart, you need to make a decision." she sighed deeply and got out of the car, took my hand and said, "You have to stay the whole time!"

I did.

I was so proud of her--and myself! I realized my little slow to warm kids will do things if I just back off. Maybe not all things (diving board included in this "all"), but they will try things. They are just slower at it then me and like to check it all out first. Now, if I could just grow patience in my garden and put some in my water every morning, I'd be set.