Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. Here are pictures.
In case you can't tell how it went, let me tell you. Semi Horrible. YEP! We got in the car on time and headed out. When we arrive, Sweetums informs me that she is not going. She is staying in the car. I think, "Okay, this is just jitters and a reflex from last year." I hand Little Man off to Pony Girl and pull Sweetums out of the car. She walks--only because people are around. We get to her class and there are people there (of course) and she goes into her little shell. I hold back my tears, hand off Little Man again and gently take her in. She is pulling against forces the whole way. I set down her book bag and say, "Let's take Pony Girl to her class and come back." She gladly retreats to the hall and as we proceed, she is saying, "I am not staying." "I want to go home RIGHT NOW." We drop off Pony Girl and head back. When we arrive at her door again, she plasters herself against the wall. I think, "hmmmm, should I just let her come home?" Her teacher comes out and gently takes her (well as gently as you can when a child is pushing against you with all her 6 year old might) and says to me in the sweetest voice, "She will be fine. If she is not, we will call you." I stay there for a few minutes worried. I head to the car and then find myself turning around to check. I cannot leave her like that. Her teacher sees me and says, "She is fine." I know that what she means is she is not crying, she is sitting quietly at her desk, so all is well. But I know she will not cry in public. She will just crawl inside her little self and be scared. I just keep thinking that this teacher is so sweet and nice. She will not get ignored or forgotten, she will be cuddled today and will be fine. I walk by Pony Girl's room and she smiles and waves. I head to the car to go home and cry...I keep busy waiting for the bus by helping Little Man go potty 972 times in 3 hours. It pulls up, I RUN out. Here are more pictures.

Are those smiles I see on two faces? YEP! I say, "How was it girls?" They both say, "Great." I bear hug them and tell them how worried I was. I ask if we are going back tomorrow. sweetums looks ponderous for a minute and says, "Yes."

Ahhh, all is well.


Holly said...

Ok, I have two comments that have nothing to do with your post. One....what is that poor Momo wearing? Two...Is A wearing glasses?! She looks so studious! I love them!

Marci said...

Good call, Holly, I didn't even notice the glasses. I love them too! I also LOVE your driveway! Can't wait to see it and drive on it when I come to visit you :)

Cory said...

You are too sweet! I just drop kick my kids out the door, say find your way to class, have a good day, See ya later! Ha, ha. Just kidding. My kids start on the 25th. Wyatt is excited to go back for the social life. Cody will be a freshman and is excited/nervous. Hopefully it will be a great year for all!!!

Nicole said...

They are getting so BIG, and look so grown up! Girls stop that!

I'm glad it went well and turned out to be a GREAT first day.

As for -L- way to go little man!! When candy is involved it's amazing what they'll do.

I love and Miss you ALL!!

Robyn said...

glad -a- made it. its tough for us moms when they struggle. glad to hear about the potty training. -K- finally has it down. She calls starburst her potty candy even when we go to the store.