Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Games and more Games

I love to play games. I love it--I am usually game (teehee) to play anytime. My favorites are Wacky Six, Hand and Foot and Pit, but will play mostly anything (monopoly excluded) if someone else is game (there I go again, teehee). Pony Girl and Sweetums have acquired my love of games as well and ask me often to play. I usually am all game (ha). However, today while I was working out, Little Man came to me with candy land, and I thought, "I HATE this game." I do, I HATE that game. But, I, being the fantastic mother that I am got on the floor and played with him. Now, my two year old plays candy land all on his own but likes my constant "good job" comments. So , while I was "good jobbing it", my mind began analysing all the kids games we have in the house, and even some we don't. I put together a list of some of the games we own for all y'alls viewing pleasure. Lucky You!

1) Candy Land - feelings already known.
2) Crazy Eights -- love, Pony Girl and I play often.
3) Hi-Ho Cherry-O -- Totally love! I mean what is not fun about spinning a spinner and picking fruit? Plus, the new version has different types of trees all in the same game orchard so all the fruit colors are different as well.
4) Buckaroo -- kids LOVE this one and giggle every time the horse bucks--they end up trying to buck the horse--silly kids.
5)Don"t Break the Ice -- UGH--I am telling you, this game takes 7 hours (okay maybe only ten minutes) to set up and a total of 3 seconds to demolish. I refuse to play.
6) Guess Who -- boring--enough said.
7)Kerplunk (sp)--Love this one. takes a bit to set up but good clean fun!
8)Uno - Fun! Good for learning numbers and colors
9) Princess Matching Game -- UGH--there are 700 (literally) cards and it is soooo hard to actually find a match with all those cards. I even chucked 1/2 the cards. Also another one I refuse to play.
10) Elefun -- Another favorite of my kids. Crazy things blowing all over my house--how can that not be a blast!

But my favorite and my kids as well is...(drum roll in mind please)

11) Bed Bugs! It is the BEST game ever! I bought it at a garage sale and loved it so much I tried to buy a new one and found out it is out of print--so be Jealous--be very very jealous! A plastic board in the shape of a bed is the playing field. A snoring man is sleeping away and you dump an entire bed full of little colored plastic bugs all over him. Everyone gets a plastic pair of tweezers and you turn it on. The bed begins to shake and the bugs start a jumpin'. Everyone tries to grab the bugs that match their tweezers and pull them off the bed. Ahhh, good fun. In fact, I have to go, it is time to chuck Candy Land and get out Bed Bugs!


Eric and Dustha said...

I love games too! D has a fishing game that we play all of the time. I am glad for the list, so we can put a few more on her Christmas list. But, we happen to like Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders. We still need to have some game nights this fall!

Joy said...

We like to play games too!! Our two favorite kid games right now are Zooreka and Sorry. I am probably not as game to play games with the kids--but I should--I always remind the kids that sunday afternoons are a great time to take the games out.

Marci said...

Of course we love games. Bryan has taught the older kids to play RISK and they love it. How about Othello - that is the best game of all. I think A would love it.

Anonymous said...

Joy:Sunday afternoons--great idea

Marci: I've never heard of othello! What is it?

Marci said...

It is a great game - strategy all the way baby. Cameron and Rylee love to beat Bryan. Check this out:


Holly said...

I want you to know that I AM jealous that you have Bed Bugs and I don't....I guess I am just going to have to visit again to play. I finished the book this morning which mean you need to tell me what day in the very near future would be good for me to visit. That way I can bring the book AND we can make cards. Let me know!