Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was so proud of myself yesterday and today. Sweetums has been asking to take gymnastics for awhile now and so we went with a friend to class. She would NOT go in. My first instinct (before the whole diving board thing)---make her. Just take her by the hand and pull her in. She would have fun and love it. I did not do this----yay me. Throughout the class she would say things like, "I want to jump in the squares." I would ask if she wanted to go in, but had no inclination to make her. ahhhh, I am amazed at me. She always said, "No!" Then when class was over,(1 hour and 30 minutes of sitting) she said, "okay, I want to go in now." Funny, yes! Rewarding, YES! she and I went in the door for just a second as the girls were leaving and she said, "Okay, mom, sign me up."

Then today we went to a birthday party she has been talking about for weeks (2 to be exact) and when we got there, she saw the other girls (birthday girl and two of her friends included) and would not get out of the car. NOPE! In fact when the b-day girl came over all excited to see her, she unbuckled and hid on the floor. Silly girl. I thought, the old me would pick her up and carry her in there. But, not this wet t-shirt, diving board, embarrassed mom, I simply told her that she could get out and I would go in with her and stay the entire party, or we could go home. Her choice. Lots more girls were coming, so I just kept trying - gently- and she kept refusing. Finally after all the girls had gone in, I simply said, "Sweetheart, you need to make a decision." she sighed deeply and got out of the car, took my hand and said, "You have to stay the whole time!"

I did.

I was so proud of her--and myself! I realized my little slow to warm kids will do things if I just back off. Maybe not all things (diving board included in this "all"), but they will try things. They are just slower at it then me and like to check it all out first. Now, if I could just grow patience in my garden and put some in my water every morning, I'd be set.


Marci said...

You are soooooo good! I'm proud of you.

Holly said...

You little good mom you!!!

Robin and Don said...

See, your an amazing mother another day!