Wednesday, August 13, 2008

UGH time

It has been 30 minutes our house it means--POTTY TIME---again! YEA--(Ugh!) Yep, Little Man has been showing a desire to potty train all summer and I, the perfect mother that I am, have been ignoring him! YEP, I just ignore and buy diapers. Well, yesterday, he informed me that he was not going to wear diapers today. He had on underpants when he informed me, so I had to take him serious. (Curse me for buying them in the first place.) He got them out and put them on himself. My face smiled and said, "Oh, big boy underpants, okay, let's go potty." He did (OF COURSE) and I did the pee pee song and dance, and then gave him candy. Then I growned within my heart. Oh no, it really is time. I hate potty training. I know this sounds crazy because it is such freedom right? But that freedom only comes after 1 week of the timer going off every 30 minutes and me stopping whatever I am doing and running to help. Sounds selfish? It is...I know, and I still don't seem to get it. I just hate the thought of pee and poo maybe getting all over and the clock timer ruling my life. So, if any of you have suggestions or...want to come on over and do it for me, there is candy in it for you!:)


Marci said...

Good Luck! Just think - it is your last time. Too bad we can't send them to potty training camp for a week and get them back all done!

pocketposies said...

There is a place called BOOTY CAMP that potty trains kids in one day... one of the tactics they use is to feed the kids lots of salty and sugary foods and drinks. That makes them have to go, FREQUENTLY!

So, we have been trying to train Keaton all summer. He was doing great with the peepy, but we couldn't get him to do poopoos.
One day we decided to go to the movies. We ate lots of movie popcorn, soda, and candy. Afterwards we ran some errands. We were shopping in the middle of Target when Keaton got this very concerned look on his face and told me he had to poop. I realized right then that I had forgot to change him into a pull up and he still had his big boy underwear on. I literally made a mad dash to the bathroom, running as I pushed the cart with the other kids running behind me.
We made it just in time! I sat him on the toilet and he had no choice but to let it all out! He was very concerned afterward for a minute, but then he realized it wasn't that scary after all. 15 minutes later, while at the back of the store he had another urge. We repeated the whole thing over again.
Needless to say, he hasn't been scared to poop on the toilet again! I would say from that day forward we have only had 2 accidents. One when Keaton was playing his leapster and didn't want to get up to go potty and peed all over my couch, and the other when we at a park playing and he was having too much fun to realize he needed to go.

Anyway- that's what worked for us! Good luck with that!


Joy said...

well, my thoughts on the subject are that if he is ready it will be much easier. It seems to be harder when the child is not really ready. With Hattie--she easily trained if she had to go pee--but going poo was a different story. Finally I went to the toy store and bought polly pockets (I know that won't work for L but something else might) There were four different little dolls. I put them in a small ziplock, and put them on the fridge for everyone to see. If she went poo in the toilet she got one, then if she had an accident she had to put the one she had back onto the fridge. Well she went poo four days in a row and earned them all. That was all it took for her to be totally potty trained.
Good luck--it is not my favorite thing either.

Lynne said...

So glad to be done with that crap! pun intended :-) Have fun! BTW...Dustha's got her blog on private now and I can't get in even though we're linked to each other. Got her e-mail address?

Jackie said...

I had the same problem with dustha...i do not have her email, but will comment onher blog about you. She will then invite you!