Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay people you think I would have learned by now! Today Little Man and Sweetum's and I were downstairs in the craft room. I was scrapping and they were making melties (I am pretty sure that is not what they are called, but that is what we call them here.) Anyway, they are these little beads you place on a shaped platter with little spikes. After you have filled the platter, you melt the little beads with an iron and you have a "melty" the shape of your choice.The kids LOVE these and we make tons of these a week (Mommy also recycles tons of these a week, but shhhhhh.)

So today, my little nose picking two year old comes over and says with his finger up his nose, "Get it mom." I look up and reply, "No picka the nose Little Man," wipe his finger off and go about my scrapping. It was my 5 year old who got it. She looked at Little Man and said, "UMMMMMM what is up there?" Then a LIGHT went on and I said," Little Man, come over here." He did and yep folks--the kid had stuck something else up his nose. A tiny melty was way up there. I had to use some spiky tweezers that scare me to death to get it out.

He did not even flinch--ugh! After I finally got it out I said, "DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!" In my most forceful mommy voice. He said--in true last child form--, "NO, you don't do that again." And with that comment I realized that most likely Both of us are probably going to be doing that again.


Joy said...

Wow!1 We haven't had to get anything out of any of the five children's noses (knock on wood) hopefully we won't have to. Good thing you were able to get it out. Only a couple more weeks of entertaining the kids--then we will be playing taxi and tutor with activities and homework huh?? Guess we should enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Cory said...

Will you come see if Cody (14 yrs old) has something up his nose? He keeps getting bloody noses - like 2-3 a day. He says he's not being a picker and hasn't stuck anything up there. I finally made a Doctor's appt for him tomorrow to get it checked out.
Sheeezz - what is it with kids and noses?

Nicole said...

Okay so the official name is Fuse Beads Jackson, glad it came out what seems to be easily, my the obsession with putting things in the nose!! As for throwing things away, no you don't you just recycle ; )

Robin and Don said...

I love reading your blogs because they are so real to life and I always laugh out loud by myself. You know when you laugh by yourself, you feel a little funny? Anyway, I am getting more used to it, thanks to blogging with Jackie.

Marci said...

Aren't you glad I reminded you about the melties? Anything I can do to make a little excitement in your life... hee hee