Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My kids have got to be the most creative "namers" in the universe. We have a black expedition and my kids named it "blacky". Our green contour..."greeny". Any stuffed animal they receive is also named accordingly: ie, piggy, lamby, etc. So Sunday night we were outside enjoying the weather and Mr. KIR discovered a visitor in our garage, he caught the poor thing and realized it was so out of energy it would die if he just let it go. So he fed it. The kids named him...da da da...Hummy. Now I know you have no idea what he must be...so I included pictures. Your welcome:) (and yes, my germaphobe husband is wearing gloves)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a sock thing

Socks! There is trouble in my house over socks. Yes, you heard me--the sock is a thing of serious stress in this house. Actually, I have pretty much given up and let the sock win. My kids will wear whatever socks they choose, and I will take out my frustration by blogging about it--a win win situation for all. It all began with Pony Girl. She refused at a young age to wear any sock that has color, comes above her ankle or looks "girly" in any way. So, I loaded up on the white "boy" sock and life was grand. Then Sweetums came along and I dared--DARED- put a white sock in her drawer, let alone on her foot. She now refuses to wear any sock that is white, does not come above the ankle, and looks "ugly" in any way (remind yourself here that "ugly" is all up to personal interpretation.) I have spent a small fortune on socks. I bought Pony girl some white socks with purple on the toes, a girly version of her usual boy socks, and NO WAY in the name of all things Holy was she going to wear them. Sweetums also refused as they were short. Needless to say, Little Man will be wearing those dang socks--Jk--:) It has gotten to be pretty funny as Sweetums has now become obsessed with the sock. She picks them out pain stakingly careful, I swear she makes sure they do not match anything she is wearing, just to test my stay-out-of-it- ness. So to get back at her, (teehee) I will now let you all see the insane sock ruled world I call mine! Oh, and don't you dare ask, mention, or try to persuade her to push/fold them down, as I have been informed, "people may laugh at me if I do that." Good to know little one, good to know!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Car Fun

Our transportable DVD player is on the fritz, and by on the fritz I mean broken. So on the trip home from Chicago last weekend we had to revert to measures from the olden days. And by olden days I mean when I was young. And by young I mean just a few years ago because lets face it--I am a spring chicken!

Anywhooo, we played some old favorites and by favorites I mean things kids do to entertain themselves that completely annoy the parents in the process.

Game one:
Loud WHACK followed quickly by "MOM, SHE HIT ME!" followed by WHACK!

Game two:
Mom: "What's wrong? Do you want your woobie?"
Mom: "Do you want some candy?"
Mom: "Do you want a book?"
Mom: "Do you want McDonald's?"
-Little Man- "Yes."

Game 3:
-Sweetums-: "Mom, say everything I say after I say it okay!"
Mom: "HMMMM"
-Sweetums-: "I am weird."
Mom: "I am weird."
Entire Back seat: Giggle Laugh Giggle Giggle

More of the Same FUN--for three wonderful hours

One New transportable DVD player needed- STAT

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day shots

We went to the annual Hanisko Family Reunion in Chicago. While there, we not only had fun at the reunion visiting with family, but we also took the kids downtown. We rode the trolleys, went to one of the museums and rode the train. We had a blast!