Saturday, September 6, 2008

Car Fun

Our transportable DVD player is on the fritz, and by on the fritz I mean broken. So on the trip home from Chicago last weekend we had to revert to measures from the olden days. And by olden days I mean when I was young. And by young I mean just a few years ago because lets face it--I am a spring chicken!

Anywhooo, we played some old favorites and by favorites I mean things kids do to entertain themselves that completely annoy the parents in the process.

Game one:
Loud WHACK followed quickly by "MOM, SHE HIT ME!" followed by WHACK!

Game two:
Mom: "What's wrong? Do you want your woobie?"
Mom: "Do you want some candy?"
Mom: "Do you want a book?"
Mom: "Do you want McDonald's?"
-Little Man- "Yes."

Game 3:
-Sweetums-: "Mom, say everything I say after I say it okay!"
Mom: "HMMMM"
-Sweetums-: "I am weird."
Mom: "I am weird."
Entire Back seat: Giggle Laugh Giggle Giggle

More of the Same FUN--for three wonderful hours

One New transportable DVD player needed- STAT


Lynne said...

Dear Shabby Chic, (or just shabby for short), DP (oops I guess that's really more Mark?), Shop-a-holic, crafty, GPS, direction-less, card maker, laugh-a-holic, or how about just copycat(ha!). BTW...I'm not a guru!

Jackie said...

Lynne--hmmm, all very good suggestions, and by very good I mean made me laugh out loud!

Nicole said...

I love it, they are all very fitting names, as for you, your name is plastered all over, so is there a need for a different one?

If so I suggest Jane of All Trades, or Not Just Mom

Hopefulone said...

Hi Jackie

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) Glad you liked it.
How bout your name be.........
Keepin It real
Then you could be Mr. & Mrs. KIR:)
Keepin It Real and Keepin It Rural?!

never mind I just need a nap... :)

Robin and Don said...

I feel cheated! I didn't even get a chance to play the name game before you officially called it "game". ( See I read all your blogs.)