Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday was the beginning of conference weekend. (General Conference is held every six months for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--to which we are members. It is when all the Prophets and Apostles talk and teach the members world wide. It is held for 4, two hour session on Saturday and Sunday. I always come away feeling fantastically loved by my Heavenly Father and ready to tackle life with great gusto. It gives me greater energy as a mother and wife and women. It is empowering for me.) The kids and I played outside all morning. At lunch time we came inside and watched the first session of conference on TV. After, we took a nice nap and headed outside. Came in, watched the second session and headed back outside. We came in only when it was too dark to see and the bugs got hungry. The kids were FILTHY and I was over flowing with happiness.

Sunday morning came. Mr. KIR and I were snuggling in bed with Sweetums and Little Man while Pony Girl was still snoozing. It was the start of a gorgeous day and I felt wonderfully blessed. Awhile into this bliss, Mr. KIR's fire dept. pager blares: "First Response, First Response needed at ......suicide attempt. First Response, suicide attempt at...."

I sat bolt up in bed --stunned.

I felt a heavy heart descend and realized how fragile happiness is. Today while I was so full of joy and gladness, someone felt alone, helpless and in deep, deep need. I wanted to run there and help, cry and give them the happiness I was feeling. I wanted to shout--"You have value. Heavenly Father loves you! This earth needs you and what you, and only you can offer. Please, please feel this."

So today I stand on my soap box and say to my family, friends, and blog lurkers...You are loved by someone somewhere. You each have value and are needed. Elder Bednar and Elder Worthlin (Apostles) talked of trials. From their talks I came away with this: We ALL will face hardships. they will be different and challenging, but we have been given power from on high to overcome and combat them. All the tears of sadness and misery we have felt and endured on this earth will be replaced with joy and happiness ten fold in the next life if we endure well and do not give up! We are children of a loving Father who cares and watches over us. He knows our sadness and needs, He wants us to feel the joys that come from righteousness. Please, please feel this!

Now, I step off my soap box and say, "I love you all."


Marci said...

Wonderful thoughts! Thanks, I needed that! And by the way, you are loved too!

Life with boys... said...