Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm losing my feet. You heard FEET.

I bought new shoes in March. I love those shoes. Didn't wear them all summer.

They are now too big.

Stupid weight loss.

Does anyone have a Twinkie?


Life with boys... said...

too funny, lol. That's how I currently feel about my pants, they are too big, as in I am constantly pulling them up, but have not lost enough to go down a size. Keep up the good work even if the it means the beloved shoes can be worn no more. ;o)

Jackie said...

Life:Ummm, Not losing weight anywhere else that I know of,that would be all to is just my feet--go figure! go girl!!!

Marci said...

Did you give it to me?

Wep said...

Go for a HO HO or Ding Dong. I just had a twinkie and it wasn't as good as I remember it.

Robin and Don said...

Well, my feet just swell for no good reason and none of my shoes fit many days. Maybe I could just give you some of my puffy and we'd both have shoes that fit?!=)