Friday, October 3, 2008

Like Father Like Son

Two things:
1) My mother in law tells of little Mr. KIR wasting toilet paper as a child like it grew on trees (and no, not after someone had toilet papered the house.)
2) Mr. KIR is a germaphobe of the worst kind. (I may interject here that previous to child rearing, I was also right up there with him--however, since child rearing, and mommy fatigue of the worst kind, I have changed! And he is oblivious to most of the germy info. of child rearing, since I don't dare tell him what goes on afraid he may never walk in our house again.)

So, it is with GREAT pleasure that I announce that I have an honest to goodness "Like Father Like Son" household!
Little Man showed hints of father like son-ness early on, but it was not officially confirmed until today when I heard ...

"Mommy, I need gloves, I am going to hold my worm now."
(sorry about the sour face. He was mad I made him stand still for this PRICELESS picture!)


Life with boys... said... that's funny, especially after you have the pic of Mr. KIR in his gloves holding the bird the post before. I love it, and I find it hillarious that Hot Rod has a worm for a pet, is this what I have to look forward too? So far -N- hasn't shown any signs of wanting a worm for a pet, but then again you are clearly 5 months ahead of us their Hot Rod ;)

Robin and Don said...

He is a kid after my own heart!

Holly said...

Haha, next thing you know he is going to be wearing "lady fingers!"