Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's all in a name baby!

I got a request last week to know the "real" names of my children. Ummm...who says these aren't their real names...What, don't they sound like real names? I guess I should have gone with "Apple" like Mr. KIR wanted. Dang it!

Later, I mentioned this request to my friend, Lynnita Bonnita and it got me to thinking about the people I am close to. Some of my families names are: Peedg, Jannabannan, Ju (pronounced Jew,) Nickle Dime and Penny, and Bob spelled backwards is boB. Some of my friends are named: Reecy, Lynnita Bonnita, Missy Moo, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Lease, Hollser, Ashers, and Marc-a.

Now you may be saying, "Wow, some freakishly weird namers are in the universe."

Nope, I actually just have habits I am sure they all wish I'd use only on the animal species. But as I've told you all before, I have never claimed to be normal. I actually may be as weird as they come. And now, I have officially passed this "weirdness" on. Oh yes in deedee do!

Pony Girls friends are Tay Tay, Ems, Brooky, and Gracey.

I began to realize this side of us, although endearing when you understand, is probably weird if you don't.

Well... it may just be annoying all together.

So, I have decided to explain myself to my family and friends, and you know, in case I meet one of you in a dark alley and start calling you my little Wooby Dooby or something. (Now, I know all you readers are hoping against hope, to be called my little Wooby Dooby, but don't. I mean, I may meet and rename you, as your dreams so desire, but I may not... just to make that clear.)
(And although I cannot speak for Pony Girl, I am pretty sure this explanation will fit her as well..I mean, I am her mother after all.)

So here is the explanation I feel fits this personality disorder best. My heart is easily swayed to love. I am a social maniac and connect easily with others. (Disclaimer here: I never said others connect with me easily... I just connect with them...I have been known to stalk a "friend to be" until they break down and see the lovable side within.) So, when I feel a connection with someone, I rename them. It is to best be explained as a "heart name."

Ahhh, now doesn't that make you all want one? I thought so!


Joy said...

what are you doing blogging at 7:50 am?? I was still making sure that shoes were tied, lunches were in backpacks, repairing backpacks so they would last one more day, and sending the kids out the door!!Anyway--I love that you use heart names, I think it is great!! Have a terrific day!!

jackie said...

Joyzer (teehee), that is another amazingly, miraculousy phenomina that is me:) Naa, the clock is just wrong for some reason...it was
really 9:00am

Life with boys... said...

Well I just so happen to love my nickname (heart name: Nickel, Dime and Penny) I wouldn't have it any other way! I tend to do the same stinkin thing...Jacks ;o)

-Feelin the love all the way out here in Texas!, yes I am!

three more days...

DIAZ BLOG said...

AHHHHH, and I thought you were just protecting their identity from weirdo blog stalkers!! This is much more sentimental! So, we all DO want to know our names now.

Marci said...

Yes, I love those names. And it's not just people, you name things like lanky and what did you call the binky? Can't remember. Very cute! Jackash - you forgot that one!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I think that's a very cool trait and now I want you to rename me, even though you don't know me! :0

Seriously, I think it's hilarious that you do it. It's great that you gave it the "heart name" name.

jackie said...

Diaz--or ja-nniff-er--as I like to call you:), you are right--the blog stalkers are a real problem for me---as you can tell by the MASSIVE ammounts of comments I get...so yes this is the real reason for the heart names used!

Alyson--or alli-oop-di-loop--as I like to call, thank you for the compliment--It may be my only cool trait, but atleast I got one baby!

The Grandpa said...

Who wouldn't want to have a heart name. Very nice.

bholtom said...

Ok, the self in me is asking what name do you refer to me as....ok come on, I know you've at least thought of something, esp. when you look back at all of those precious pics on the reunion site...(-: Homecoming, here we come is my fav!! Seriously, you have a knack for blogging, I love it!!!