Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ramblings of an old women

Due to the fact that my blogging brain has been in a funk, a stacking effect of posts in my brain cavity was created. They have been waiting for the havoc inducer to get out of their way--it is out. Now my thoughts are racing so fast I can't get my brain around any one of them to make a complete and rational today is rambling day... Lucky you!
Ramble 1: I love Fall here In Charleston. It reminds me of D.C. The wonderful colors are breath taking. All the orange, red, gold, tan, brown and green leaves make me want to frolic and sing...lalalalalalalala
Ramble 2: My arm hurts from the wii.
Ramble 3: I know who my kids teachers voted for. No, I did not talk to, or ask them...because frankly, I do not care who others voted for. I vote as educated as I can and hope others do the same. Then, I support and root for whomever wins. SO --- how do I know? Because they are both too young to totally understand who to vote for, and yet they both have come home for the last week spewing forth political views and opinions. I have answered questions and helped them with info. to the best of my ability---never once trying to sway them. I loved how passionate each one was about their views. This morning one came down yelling---"Did Obama win?" The other saying..."NO! McCain should." I did not answer. I turned on the TV and we sat down to listen and watch together. AND I finally told them who I voted for. It is so awesome to watch them, and see them learn.
Ramble 4: I took Little Man to a Halloween party last week and felt old. The other mom's with kids his age were young and fresh. Vibrant looking with pony tails and hip clothes. They made me feel tired and haggard looking. Ugh--old age is a bummer.
Ramble 5: We need new brakes in our 10 year old car (the nicest one we own)...shesh, buy a new one already.
Ramble 6: We got a new couch and chair -- they are brown leather and oh so BEAUTIFUL. The chair is so big, all three of my kids sit comfortable in it. I love them (the new furniture that is...okay, okay...I love my kids too.)
Ramble 7: I hate CF (cystic fibrosis) Our friends Holly and Justin (read here to learn about them) came to stay for the weekend. Justin went home Sunday night, and Holly was going to stay for the week. Stupid, Dumb CF created an infection in her lungs Sunday night and she had to go home and check into the hospital. Stupid, Dumb CF!
and lastly...
Ramble 8: Mr, KIR's fire department had their annual fund raising "Breakfast All Day" this last weekend. Mr. Kir arrived at the firehouse at 4:00am and stayed until 9:00pm. People filed in alllll day as the breakfast is yummy--I am telling you the smells waft forth from him for days after (usually.) Here are a few of the photos for your viewing pleasure:

Ramblings and brain spew now complete. Ahhhh.


Becky said...

That's so great that you sat down to talk to your kids about voting and the issues.

My four-year old was pretty excited about the election, too. Mostly because we got him all hyped up about how cool it was that we have the opportunity to vote. I'm hoping this sticks with him so in 15 years he won't be one of those apathetic Americans who's sitting on his can on election day.

Life with boys... said...

Ramble on, it's good to "hear" your voice.

So how did the girls take the news from the election?

I wanna see pics of the new furniture!!

and one last thing, I love the way your hair looks, you look beautiful! One of my fav dos by far!

Life with boys... said...

ooh almost forgot, is Holly doing better?

Jackie said...

Becky: I SOOOOOO agree!

Life: Holly has CF so this is her life---in the hospital to drug up and then out...just to do it all over again a few weeks/months later---poor thing! (not that you would here her complain--she is up beat about it all...most of the time) But...she will be in the hospital for a few days...ugh!

AND come see my furniture for yeself--infact--everyone is invited..let's have a bonfire and talk about my beautiful new furniture:)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I loved reading your ramblings! Oh, and I'm the same with my kids about politics. I try to educate them, but not sway them.

DIAZ BLOG said...

I am laughing at the hurt arm! We purchased a Wii about 2 years ago and I think I have played bowling once and boxing once. The bowling went OK....the boxing was a different story. In between hysteric laughs, my hubby was freaking out that I was going to punch the TV! The games look fun....I guess it is time to sit down and learn something new.

Holly said...

I now know where Sweetums gets her sayings...."Stupid Justin", "Stupid CF", "Stupid Disease......

Cory said...

Hey Jackie -- at least you ramble coherently. My ramblings usually make no sense to anyone by myself.

I was just reading thru some of your posts and I don't know that your kids look exactly alike but there are a few of those collage photos that look just like a certain cousin of mine when we were MUCH younger!!!