Thursday, November 20, 2008

She said, "WHAT?"

I was think thunken last night about my kiddos. Some funny memories popped into my head about Pony Girl and I thought I would post them--you know, for posterity sake...or blackmail--whichever.

When she was little, we were book "perfect" parents. I mean it, my friends have been so kind to inform me that we were the most OBNOXIOUSLY ANNOYING parents in the history of their existence. (Thanks guys:) She never tasted sugar until she was three (b-day cakes--use sugar free apple juice sillies:) We were scheduled, consistent and never spanked, or yelled. When she got in trouble it was , "PG, that behavior is unacceptable, please stop." "PG, how does that make you feel?" BLAH BLAH BLAH...
She was, in my defense, a wonderful little one...easy to be "perfect" with.

However, she was a silly napper. She still to this day needs less sleep than humanly possible (UGH!) So, I let her nap--wherever she wanted--as long as she slept. She of course, had her favorite spots and ideas. No big deal right? NOPE! One day, when I arrived to pick her up from preschool, the head teacher called me in and gently but firmly stated, "Pony Girl mentioned that at nap time you put her in the closet and lock the door, is this true?" (It was...but she WANTED to sleep there, and she could open the door herself I promise--remember...PERFECT parents!)

Another time (same teacher/same class) they had stories about kite flying and funny places to fly them. Pony Girl told the class loudly, I was informed, that if she ever flew a kite in our house..."OHHH, my mom would BEEEAT me."

When she was three, Sweetums and I were Mary and Baby Jesus in a live nativity scene. She was awestruck. She wore a Mary head dress for months after--everywhere. And for a good year, when asked what her name was she said, and I quote..." Mary, mother of know Christ the Lord."

When Little Man was born, she continued to get up early---VERY early! I would ignore and fake sleep most often. So, she went to the next person in line to entertain her. Sweetums. She would burst into Sweetums room and at the top of her lungs go, "URR URR URR URR URRRRRRR." like a know, because we had just moved to farm villa and she thought it was cool to hear such creatures.

I would like to say that she has outgrown her dramatic nature and is a peaceful and calm child. But I can't, 'cause that would be a lie. She is however, a most entertaining one, and a true joy to be around....for others.....for me, she just gets me in trouble.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here :)

McEwens said...

Thats not sorta funny, thats hilarious! The locked closet was classic! Same with the Nativity!!

T said...

I think once upon a time I was the perfect parent too (my 13 year old thought a "cookie" was a ritz cracker until he was 3)

I love your blog - and your "heart names" are great!!

bholtom said...

I love it! At least I'm not the only one who fakes sleep once in awhile- If the boy roostered, I'd be in a full-fledged pillow fight w/ him. Then he tell his class we had a great fight that morning. Kids gotta love them!!!

Becky said...

Those stinkin' kids! It's like you have to watch what you say ALL THE TIME.

My son loves to yell, "Oh, crap!"

Yeah, that's totally my fault.

Life with boys... said...

Nice, I was just thinking of the closet story the other day, not sure why but it came to mind. I love that Ppny Girl, amazing little girl she was and big girl she is, 9 and counting, sniff, sniff. Which reminds me i have a drawing to bring you...Love you and we'll see you all in two days!!! WOOHOO!