Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Children's museum

Yesterday we spent the day with friends at the Children's Museum. It was so much fun! Little Man loved the "work on the car" exhibit enough to make his dad proud. Pony Girl flittered all over enjoying havoc, and Sweetums spent most of her time in the grocery store.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

On my soapbox again!

Before you go any further, just know that I know that this next post is going to get me in trouble with many, many, many of you. My family especially...not "MY" family, (although, by brother and sister would be angry if they ever read this, but as I mentioned before they never read my blog,) but by my family by marriage. Yep, I am going to be in trouble with the in laws...but I do not even care. That is how wild and free I am. CRAZZZY me! See, my in laws all LOVE labs. I mean LOVE them! They are pretty sure they are the best dogs in the world!

However, I HATE STUPID, DUMB, SLOBBERY, LABRADOR RETRIEVERS. Yes, I said it...and I have no regrets! None! Now, before you are in to big of a twist, I AM an animal lover. We own a dog ourselves...which I adore, and I love indoor kitties, bunnies, and many other creatures!

But, I am so sick of my neighbors dogs (two different neighbors, three labs total) barking constantly, knocking down my children, ripping our yard stuff, strewing our trash all over the yard, oh, and did I say barking?

I have heard all the arguments for the Lab, I still just don't get it. Yes, they are good with kids. Yes they are pretty. Yes, they are loyal...blah, blah blah. So are TONS of other dogs, that do not take half the amount of work to train or mature.

Labs are HYPER! They need constant reprimands and training. Some would say, "only when they are puppies...which is about 7 years, and then you have the BEST dog ever." WHAT? 7 YEARS? Are you kidding me? Dogs live what, about 12 or 13yrs...and for 7 of them you don't mind a hyper, annoying, chew on everything, try to escape at all costs, have to be controlled like an overgrown 2 year old? That gives you what, like 3 good years before the dogs health becomes increasingly "old age-ish,", which brings a whole new set of stress. Seems to me the "give to get" ratio is a BIT off.

So for all you Lab lovers out there---go right on ahead and love them. As for me and my house, we will go on loving our little pup who within about a year was potty trained, stopped chewing on things that were not his, running away, slobbering on everything and biting/hurting our kids!

Christmas Pictures

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I forgot WHAT?

What kind of a mom travels for Christmas and forgets the camera? I tell you what kind, the kind that...
  • wrapped, labeled and loaded 3 gazillion presents,
  • remembered to make and take a disc with all the Thanksgiving pictures for her mother in law,
  • packed for three children, one husband, and one me,
  • remembered pull-ups,
  • prepared one dog crate complete with warm blanket,
  • found and packed one dog reindeer costume and one warm and cozy dog sweater,
  • remembered and packed carefully (it is glass) one Santa/Reindeer treat plate,
  • packed and prepared all the stockings and S.... items,
  • made and packed reindeer food for Christmas Eve fun,
  • remembered to pack all the medications, Kleenex and Vick vapor rub needed for two snotty nosed kids,
  • prepared snacks and such for the drive,
  • remembered to get the 17 pre-made meals from grandpa that were in the freezer,
  • packed two retainers and one retainer case,
  • grabbed one cell phone charger and two cell phones,
  • packed all the winter gear...hats, gloves, scarves etc.,
  • gathered all the MUST HAVES to sleep, namely one pink lankey, two woobies: one green- one blue, one blue teddy bear, one stuffed cat and one blanket,
  • packed one pair of Mr. KIR's work on the crap at the farm clothes,
That's the kind...Oh, and I also forgot the dog food.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Fun

My brother's family sent us one of the best Christmas gifts ever, ( I mean it, I am not saying that just so he reads this and loves me as his favorite! I mean, I am already his favorite (sorry Jan:) and besides, he never reads my blog anyway. I started this blog for him and my sister 'cause we moved a bazillion miles from them and I thought it would be a great way to stay connected, .but they NEVER read it...neither one of them. Seriously NEVER! I am so loved. Maybe it is because if they did ever read it--which they don't--it would cause so much pain and sadness, that they just can't, CAN'T do it. Yes, that is what I shall tell myself--and believe...but I digress....)

So, they gave us this great gift. A ready to go gingerbread house in a box. It was so great. All the candy, frosting and house base all set up. I was so excited to use it, I think more so than the kids. One night when Emily, who is a college student who has become like a family member (the gorgeous gal in the photos) came over for dinner, we decorated it. It was so much fun, it went something like this:

However, the fun did not stop there.Three days later it looked like this:

I am telling you, this was a gift that just kept on giving! Thanks Paul...not that you will ever know I said thank you because you never read this...but again...digression...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School functions

The Girls had a holiday art and choir recital at school. Each class learned about different countries traditions and cultures. They then made beautiful art and sang great songs representing these countries. Pony Girls class learned about Germany, and Sweetum's class learned about Iceland. I got some GREAT pictures. I have several friends who are either professional photographers, or hobbyists. Either way, I don't want them to be jealous of these great shots. SO, I HEAR BY PROCLAIM: This was all luck! AND great lighting....

It may have also been because we were squished in the gym like sardines and the lady with the hair still stuck in the 90's direclty in front of me was swaying back and forth the ENTIRE show, causing my camera to have no idea what to focus on!

Whatever---PRICELESS photos!
These two are seriously the BEST ones of the bunch-

I did get a few cute ones of Little Man with his best little friend. They were laying on the floor, dancing and holding hands. CUTE!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can we skip March and April?

Sweetums: "Mom, when is the time when the twisters come?"

Me: "You mean Tornado's? They come in March and April."

Sweetums: "Would a tornado blow our house down?"

Me: "Well, yes, if one came close to it or hit it directly."

Sweetums: "What would we do?"

Me: "Well, we will head to the basement when the warnings come. We Have blankets, food, and all we need down there."

Sweetums: "Why don't we just skip those know, April and March. Then we would not have to worry about it."

Me: "Well, it just doesn't work that way."

Sweetums: "Yes it would, the people who have birthdays in April and March could just get presents and cake in may. Then we could skip them."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Burning down the house

Sweetums: "Mom, remember how we are going to get a new house in a second?"

Me: "Ummm, no."

Sweetums: "Remember when our house burns down in a second, how we are going to get a new one?"

Me: "Ummm, why would our house burn down in a second?"

Sweetums: (put on complete and utterly annoyed voice in head please) "Ugh, just when it does!!"

Me: "Ummm, okay??"

Sweetums: "Well, when it does and we get a new one, I want my room to be painted red and green with a Christmas tree in it."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What has been going on?

Mr. KIR mentioned last night that he read our post about Thanksgiving...AGAIN. I did not even now the man read the thing. (Unless I forced him to of course.) Apparently, reading it is his favorite lunch hour past time. he says it is the only way he really knows what's going on here. Oh the secrets I should not have shared.

So, I am taking the "oh so subtle" hint and posting. What has been going on here? A whole lot of nothing. I mean it. Since we got home from our wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, I have been sick...S I C K. I have a headache the size of Texas, my throat feels like a cactus bush sprouted, and my body aches as though I actually exercised recently. So I have been sitting. Oh, and sleeping, and sitting some more. Saturday I started feeling better and went shopping, out to lunch with a friend, and started making X-mas cards. Sunday morning, still fine, but Sunday afternoon....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The Texas headache moved back in and I felt phantom exercise pains all over. So I am back to the routine of getting up, shipping the kids off to school, turning on the TV for Little Man, sleeping on the couch, getting up to get a few things done, putting Little Man down for naps, putting myself down for naps and sleeping until the girls get home. I then sit, go to bed and start all over the next day. Good Times, Good times.

Huh, I think I feel a nap coming on.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving was a BLAST!

I mean, I knew it would be...we had TWO feasts. It was so awesome I will say it again...TWO FEASTS! What is not GREAT about that...oh big ol' bottom end growing in size...ya, that. But still, turkey and stuffing twice, ah, nirvana.

Early Saturday morning all the "live too far away and need to move closer to us" families arrived. Kristen and Sean from Chicago and Nicole and Bob from Texas. We (I say "we" but what I mean is everyone but me because I just burn, ruin or destroy yummy food...) fixed a fabulous dinner and we feasted Saturday night. It was so yummy! Thanks Cindy! On Sunday Kristen/Sean and Nick/Bob went to Chicago. Our little clan headed on home for school. Nick and Bob showed up at our house Monday night weary, hungry and missing us so desperately they could not stand to stay away any longer (at least that is what I shall tell myself for ever more.) Bob and Mr. KIR took the young'ens to the farm and Nick and I stayed with the girls until school was out on Tuesday. We then loaded up the kids, the dog, a bunch of crap and rolled over to the farm for a long winters week. Holiday crafts were made, babies were held, books read, the Thanksgiving feast eaten, horses exercised, bugs collected, tractors climbed on, targets shot at, and the 4-wheelers muddied up. (Pony Girl was even allowed to start driving the 4-wheeler herself--her own personal nirvana.)

Kristen and Sean
Mr. KIR and I
Bob and Nicole

Finding her inner chi

riding hillbilly style

Pony Girl with Nini and Baby A


Little Man and his Thanksgiving friend, Caterpillar Sue

4 generations of KIR men
It was PERFECTLY perfect until those dad gum Texans decided to head home. Maybe next year I will just hog tie them to the barn doors until they see the light that is Illinois and stay!

Monday, December 1, 2008

She'll Be Famous

This holiday season, Pony Girl will be famous--at least that's what she keeps telling us. Last years dance recital was "Christmas in May." The girls wore the most adorable costumes ever (so forking out the smoola for them was so much easier--true story!) There were cute bells and penguins, baby dolls and more. It was so good, (I am positive that someone calling the station had NOTHING to do with it:) and our town soooo little, that the local PBS/college station caught wind of the event. The dances will now play throughout the entire month of December.

The night of the recordings was havoc in our home--worse than the recital!! Hair was curled, makeup was applied and nerves were aflutter.

When we arrived at the station they looked like this...
One adorable Frosty the Snowgirl and Christmas Tree at your service.

Awhile later, they looked like this...

When Sweetums turn came, I looked at her--she shook her head, "NO."
I let her stay put.

Interesting enough...the entire mommy crew of "mommy's to the Christmas Tree dance" kept trying to corral her in. (okay, not the entire crew--most were too busy with the stage mommy in all of us to notice, but a few, okay) I just kept telling them that she was not going to participate. Weird looks all around at me! I can't blame them--with a face, hair and make-up like that, she would have been the star of the show...come to think of it, they should be thanking me for not upstaging their trees:)

When Pony Girls turn came we were lucky enough to get into the station room to watch the entire dance go down.

They did GREAT and Pony girl was front and center for half the taping. She will be seen by millions...okay, okay, only about 10,000. But to a 9 year old...that IS millions!