Thursday, December 25, 2008

I forgot WHAT?

What kind of a mom travels for Christmas and forgets the camera? I tell you what kind, the kind that...
  • wrapped, labeled and loaded 3 gazillion presents,
  • remembered to make and take a disc with all the Thanksgiving pictures for her mother in law,
  • packed for three children, one husband, and one me,
  • remembered pull-ups,
  • prepared one dog crate complete with warm blanket,
  • found and packed one dog reindeer costume and one warm and cozy dog sweater,
  • remembered and packed carefully (it is glass) one Santa/Reindeer treat plate,
  • packed and prepared all the stockings and S.... items,
  • made and packed reindeer food for Christmas Eve fun,
  • remembered to pack all the medications, Kleenex and Vick vapor rub needed for two snotty nosed kids,
  • prepared snacks and such for the drive,
  • remembered to get the 17 pre-made meals from grandpa that were in the freezer,
  • packed two retainers and one retainer case,
  • grabbed one cell phone charger and two cell phones,
  • packed all the winter gear...hats, gloves, scarves etc.,
  • gathered all the MUST HAVES to sleep, namely one pink lankey, two woobies: one green- one blue, one blue teddy bear, one stuffed cat and one blanket,
  • packed one pair of Mr. KIR's work on the crap at the farm clothes,
That's the kind...Oh, and I also forgot the dog food.


Lynne said...

Bummer. Didn't anybody else have one??

Robyn said...

Never fails, we always forget something too. most of the time I forget the camera charger since ours doesn't take regular batteries.

Robyn said...

I'm committed to starting a WOMEN'S Christmas therapy/support group next year for all us 'MOMS' who make sure the whole damn family has a great day! And who can't possibly remember or complete everything on their to do lists!
We'll welcome you in spirit at our 'meetings' to start October 2009!
P.S. Thanks again for the cute felt countdown calendar and cute, cute Christmas card! So appreciated them both.

jackie said...

Lynne: Yep, Thank Heavens my mother in law had her camera! We just got the pictures from her and I I will post some when I get them all onto my computer!

Robyn: The group sounds FANTASTIC! my spirit will SO be there!

Holly said...

You act like being a mom is a lot a work and stressful!!???? Even though I am not a mom yet, does a nanny label count? :-)