Sunday, December 28, 2008

On my soapbox again!

Before you go any further, just know that I know that this next post is going to get me in trouble with many, many, many of you. My family especially...not "MY" family, (although, by brother and sister would be angry if they ever read this, but as I mentioned before they never read my blog,) but by my family by marriage. Yep, I am going to be in trouble with the in laws...but I do not even care. That is how wild and free I am. CRAZZZY me! See, my in laws all LOVE labs. I mean LOVE them! They are pretty sure they are the best dogs in the world!

However, I HATE STUPID, DUMB, SLOBBERY, LABRADOR RETRIEVERS. Yes, I said it...and I have no regrets! None! Now, before you are in to big of a twist, I AM an animal lover. We own a dog ourselves...which I adore, and I love indoor kitties, bunnies, and many other creatures!

But, I am so sick of my neighbors dogs (two different neighbors, three labs total) barking constantly, knocking down my children, ripping our yard stuff, strewing our trash all over the yard, oh, and did I say barking?

I have heard all the arguments for the Lab, I still just don't get it. Yes, they are good with kids. Yes they are pretty. Yes, they are loyal...blah, blah blah. So are TONS of other dogs, that do not take half the amount of work to train or mature.

Labs are HYPER! They need constant reprimands and training. Some would say, "only when they are puppies...which is about 7 years, and then you have the BEST dog ever." WHAT? 7 YEARS? Are you kidding me? Dogs live what, about 12 or 13yrs...and for 7 of them you don't mind a hyper, annoying, chew on everything, try to escape at all costs, have to be controlled like an overgrown 2 year old? That gives you what, like 3 good years before the dogs health becomes increasingly "old age-ish,", which brings a whole new set of stress. Seems to me the "give to get" ratio is a BIT off.

So for all you Lab lovers out there---go right on ahead and love them. As for me and my house, we will go on loving our little pup who within about a year was potty trained, stopped chewing on things that were not his, running away, slobbering on everything and biting/hurting our kids!


Becky said...

Oh, I'm with you on this one, sister!

You know what drives me crazy? When people say that raising or training a dog is just like raising a child. I'm sorry, but no. I'm sure it's difficult and frustrating and tiring at times, but to compare it with raising a child?! Just... no.

Lynne said...

I never heard of a labrador 'retriever'!

Melanie J said...

I think my children are bad enough. I'll pass on the dogs. Although...I maybe could be talked into a chinchilla or something.

Aimee said...

I love labs, but would never own one. Camille had a pup this summer for about 6 months before she decided she was done having to re-plant everything in her yard because he had dug up everything. Not the smartest puppies, and hyper!

You sounded just like my dad with your comment on my blog, today he was lamenting on how there were no snow plows in his day. Speaking of neighbor's dogs, someday I'll have to tell you the epic battle of my dad and his neighbor's dogs. It generally ends with police envolvement.

Life with boys... said...

Lab lover weighing in over here...

They ARE obnoxious, and slobbery and the BARKing, don't even get me started, but I love that dang dog just as much as any other dog I've owned. Growing up I owned an array of breeds and they are all great.

And let me tell you, someone knocks on our door now though and they'd think twice about breaking in, not that she'd do much other than knock them over and lick them to death, but they don't know that.

All that being said, you're not letting Marley and Me taint your view are you? J/k my Mom and Dad's lab was like that one.

And for the record, nothing but love for ya Jacks, even if you are anti-lab ; )

jackie said...

Aimee--can't wait to hear the dad/neighbor story!
Nickle-ahhh, thanks...and I love you...not your dog, but you:)

Hopefulone said...

You are right on!
One has not LIVED till they have cleaned up a yard full of chewn up bits of diapers! because a lab got to the case of Huggies the UPS dropped off before I did. 8 packages and the cardboard box totally strung about by one hyper, slobbery, barking needing a diaper? to chew on lab. Who then pranced around wanting to play while I cleaned it up.
I shall not need that experience again.

Holly said...

Hey so I haven't see the dog yet, but I heard the Drowns home now has a Momo Jr......just thought I would let you know.

mamalutz said...

Jackie I love reading your blog! I can quite literally (but in my head heee hee) hear you saying everything! :) You crack me up! Sure do miss ya.

Tami said...

Jackie, so what kind of dog do you have? I need to find one that's trainable. And is your dog and indoor doggie? BTW--loved the movie, "Marley & Me" and I'm glad it showed me how much I don't want a lab.