Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving was a BLAST!

I mean, I knew it would be...we had TWO feasts. It was so awesome I will say it again...TWO FEASTS! What is not GREAT about that...oh big ol' bottom end growing in size...ya, that. But still, turkey and stuffing twice, ah, nirvana.

Early Saturday morning all the "live too far away and need to move closer to us" families arrived. Kristen and Sean from Chicago and Nicole and Bob from Texas. We (I say "we" but what I mean is everyone but me because I just burn, ruin or destroy yummy food...) fixed a fabulous dinner and we feasted Saturday night. It was so yummy! Thanks Cindy! On Sunday Kristen/Sean and Nick/Bob went to Chicago. Our little clan headed on home for school. Nick and Bob showed up at our house Monday night weary, hungry and missing us so desperately they could not stand to stay away any longer (at least that is what I shall tell myself for ever more.) Bob and Mr. KIR took the young'ens to the farm and Nick and I stayed with the girls until school was out on Tuesday. We then loaded up the kids, the dog, a bunch of crap and rolled over to the farm for a long winters week. Holiday crafts were made, babies were held, books read, the Thanksgiving feast eaten, horses exercised, bugs collected, tractors climbed on, targets shot at, and the 4-wheelers muddied up. (Pony Girl was even allowed to start driving the 4-wheeler herself--her own personal nirvana.)

Kristen and Sean
Mr. KIR and I
Bob and Nicole

Finding her inner chi

riding hillbilly style

Pony Girl with Nini and Baby A


Little Man and his Thanksgiving friend, Caterpillar Sue

4 generations of KIR men
It was PERFECTLY perfect until those dad gum Texans decided to head home. Maybe next year I will just hog tie them to the barn doors until they see the light that is Illinois and stay!


Deanna said...

Yay for your cute family!! Soooo I'm a little slow and couldn't figure out how to get to your blog...till now...yikes. Hope everything is going great in Illinois!

Robyn said...

sounds like lots of fun. How awesome that Ponygirl can drive the 4 wheeler herself! Your kids are growing up. Being around family makes holidays extra wonderful. Are you going to show off your crafts?

McEwens said...

looks like you had a great time! I love the 4 wheeling pictures!

Robyn said...

LOVE your new blog decor - it's SOOOO cute! Love all the scallops!
Looks like you had such a fun

Alyson (New England Living) said...

What a great, family-filled weekend! Lucky you!!