Thursday, January 8, 2009

Having an OLD body makes for one smart brain!

Last night, Mr. KIR was gone when bed time arrived. I put the kids to bed and took up post outside the Little "pain in my butt" (literally) Man's door--lights a blaring, door wide open. For one hour I sat and read a book. He kept sticking his little (previously--before this habit) cute head out to see if I was still there. I did get up once to get a Kleenex (two steps from his room) and he came a running like the boogie man himself had escorted him my way. I calmed him down and re-tucked him in. Did I mention I sat for ONE HOUR and 8 minutes...Oh yes, I did. Then Mr. KIR arrived on the scene, I GRUMPED big time--the noise had reawakened an almost asleep Little Man Horror and I was ticked!!!! Being the rescue hero he is, I promptly left my post in the capable butt sitting Mr. KIR's butt, and went to the far away as I could get. I figured tears and screams would ensue upon my departure (it usually does...for everyone who must leave my aura...a curse really.) After only 10 minutes-10 minutes, I went up to the main level, and there was Mr. KIR sitting on the "oh so new and wonderful" couch watching TV. WHAT THE? Looking around wildly, frightened like, I said, " are you here...where is Little Monster of My Own?"

He shrugged his shoulders. Apparently after I made my hasty departure, Mr. KIR sat down and Little Mister Make his Mommy MAD Man saw him and went right to sleep. Oh I see.

Then this morning when I woke up, I put on the old work out clothes, and my knee buckled. OUCH! Some subconscious way of getting out of the ensuing torture since this old body has not seen the exercise side of life in several months, way of rebelling? Maybe. But we all know that I am OLD and the old knee was letting Mrs. Butt know that her sitting on the cold, hard floor for hours on end is OVER!

Being the brainy old lady that I am, I decided to try a new tactic. I gently informed Little Man that at nap and bed time, Mom and Dad would read, pray, tuck in, spray monsters, leave flashlight, turn on lights, leave the door wide open, and his bed by our bed would be made and ready if he needed it, but we would not be sitting on the floor outside the door. He looked at me with his huge blue eyes and I almost folded...almost...

He looked right at me and nodded his sweet little head. I shall repeat...He nodded his sweet little head.

I almost wept...but my knee buckled and I winched in pain instead.

Will it work? I do not know...but by knee hopes so!


McEwens said...

Keep us posted! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Life with boys... said...

hope the knee recovers and the nod leads to restful nights once again!

Holly said...

You are such a good mum Jackie! Sleep deprived or well rested I give you two thumbs up!!