Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hidden Treasures

Our landscaping is rocks. We are amazing that way...just take a bunch of rocks, put them in a pile, add a few plants/ bushes, and call it beautiful. The ambiance is nothing if not breathe taking. It creates other joys too! For instance, last summer my kids were fascinated with finding cool rocks of all sorts. So I, being the wonderful, thoughtful mother that I am, bought this:

Oh, the yips and hollers that ensued, you would have thought it was Christmas. They spent hours digging through and finding "knowledge" in our landscaping piles. Which in turn, meant "treasures" were discovered, and KEPT. KEPT. KEPT.

I started to find these,

all over my house. And when I say all over, I mean all over: under pillows (YES), beds, behind chairs, in book shelves, and in toy boxes. When questioned, the little collecting critters I am raising, insisted that they were "priceless" and MUST, absolutely MUST be kept.

Genius that I am, informed them that the large and beautiful rock piles we call landscaping , were actually special rock collections I got just for them. They were special, and all theirs. They were to keep them neat and tidy, pull the weeds out of them (oh if only this one had worked), and most importantly: keep all their rock "jewels" there.

I helped them dump their treasures into special spots, and we admired them daily. They would bring a few treasures in the house occasionally-- for further inspection and ohhhs and ahhhhs from the parents. But then I, being the ever so helpful mother that I am, would promptly trek to the door and chuck...oops, I mean, gently place, the treasures back in the secure and beautiful rock collection piles.

All was well...or so I thought.

Recently I have been cleaning of my favorite "do to the house and kids/hubby's stuff" hobbies I have, and decided the kids stuffed animal containers in their rooms were to full and needed a good go through.

Pony Girls: check
Little Mans: check

Sweetums: WHaaaat?

I found this at the bottom:

Someone is wise beyond her years, wise to my ways, and oh so sneaky.


McEwens said...

I LOVE IT!!! The special rocks we need to keep weeds off of is BRILLIANT I tell you!

Lynne said...


Lynne said...

not suprising either...I have one or two who'd do the same thing...

Lynne said...

is "who'd" a word?

Three's a charm you know...o.k. no more messages.

Mark said...

I guess I better start finding better hiding places for my stuff--at least what's left of it.

Lynne: Yes, "who'd" is a correct term.

Robyn said...

Ok, had to laugh at Mark's comment. My family better find better hiding places also because I am doing the same thing. I love the ideas of a rock collection in the yard idea. I will have to try that one.

Life with boys... said...

Mark you crack me up, Jacks he's on to you, quick change it up and catch him off guard. hehehe

Sweetums I love you!! You keep right on collecting, you'll just have to find that new special place to keep them. ; )

Our current hiding place seems to be in the pockets, all that is treasured and true belongs there, thank goodness I am in the habit of checking those now, geesh! That could have ended disasterously.

Miss you all and -N- couldn't stop talking about how he talked to Hot Rod on the phone today, priceless!

Angie said...

Ok,I'm laughing my head off!!! That sounds EXACTLY like our house. I have an entire drawer full of my little guy's "rock of the day" he brings home. I'm so going to try your logic :)

missy said...

Haven't you seen my boys' dresser drawer that is labeled "Rock Collection"? Who needs a place for underwear and socks? Just a drawer full of rocks. Any boy's --or sweetum's-- dream.

Heather said...

Your blog always makes me laugh!! I've slacked off a little lately, but had to check up on you and see what's up... In our house we sell rocks instead of lemonade, they go for about $.25 a rock. The darn neighbors encourage it by buying them from my kids. It's kind of funny from inside the house, I just hide and pretend I don't know what's going on... Love ya Heather