Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleep Trouble

Over the three week holiday, our children slept in the same room (although many different ones) every night. They love this. In the past, I have always loved it as well. The thought of them wanting to giggle, read and snuggle late into the night always pulled at my heart strings. This time was no different...until it ended. Three weeks is the longest stint they have ever had of this simple pleasure. But now that they are all in their own beds, Little Man is AFRAID of his own the dark..with monsters...and alligators...and spiders...

My bottom end is soar and I am exhausted. For four nights straight we have put him to bed with the door wide open and his night light and hall light beaming. I then have to sit in the hall for up to an hour and a half so he will actually stay in bed. Then inevitable, he will come into Mr. KIR and I's room at 2 am grumpy and refusing to return to the horrors of his private domain. I comfort, and sooth, Mr. KIR grumps. It goes on for at least two hours before I finally get him to sleep on our floor. Nap time is no different. I rock, read to him and then sit in the hall.

I have thought about doing the irreversibly "in the end causing more trouble" thing, and giving in. My brain is losing the capacity for logical reasoning. I sooo want to just rocking him to sleep, or let him sleep with us, or let him sleep on the floor in one of his sisters rooms, and take a nap with my big, comfy, snuggle cozy, yummy bed--sleep deprivation will do that to a person!!


McEwens said...

Oh boy, that is a tough one! My oldest had this same problem, we did two things that helped (maybe they will help you) bought a "special" monster squirt gun, had monster vaporizing liquid inside. AND bought him a huge stuffed animal to sleep with.

There is also a great book about a monster that is afraid of humans hiding under his bed. Cute book, I dont remember the exact title though

Good luck

Robyn said...

We are having the same problem with -k-. The holiday break sleep-overs happened here too. We gave in. First, we let -k- sleep with us. Bad idea. None of us slept. So, -k- and -l- have been having thier own sleepover. We are thinking they may be sharing a room soon. Neither of them wants to sleep alone. Good luck with Little man. Maybe he needs a baby brother so he can share a room and not be alone. :)

DIAZ BLOG said...

I don't know what the "right" answer is. I was really good and never gave in with my 3 oldest but my "baby", mind you he is 9 now, got away with a lot, including sleeping with his sister. They still do this on the weekends. He has bunkbeds so his big sister sleeps on the top bunk almost every Friday and Saturday night.About a year ago, we started using this sleeping arrangement as a reward for going to bed nicely Mon-Fri. Maybe Little Man is too young for that???

Life with boys... said...

Oh the pain!! (Sleep deprivation that is) Hope your looking for help cause here is one long post, HA!

-N- has been fearful of the Dark for about 3 months now, while at the Farm you'd have never known, but as that little imagination has gotten stronger the fear has too. So for Christmas he received a bed tent (similar to the Pony Girl had what seems like forever ago) and he is armed with a Cookie Monster flash light (fitting don't ya think?), a bear called a "Snuggle Bear" (similar to glo worms, again like Pony Girl had) the only difference is when you press the star on it's belly and it lights up, it simultaneously turns on a night light strategically placed somewhere else in the room (both run on batteries (thank goodness for rechargeable). This arsenal has proven very effective. He hasn't quite grasped the concept that in the middle of the night when he wakes to turn it on, but Daddy comes to the rescue and willingly presses that star for him ;) and he is back to sleep in minutes.

These boys are more and more alike everyday, it amazes me. So not sure it has anything to do with slumber parties if that helps.

He does however end up in our room around 4:30a or so each morning, due to the fact that I just don't have the energy to return him to bed and -B- is stirring to ger ready for work...but once we get rid of that morning feeding for -A-,that is the next challenge on the list we will conquering down here the great state of TX~!

Side note if it is a really windy night, we've been known to just leave the light on in his room and give him a book to look at too and that does the trick.

Love ya, Sweet Dreams and get some sleep!

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