Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nagging is for the birds

Previously in the KIR home, this has gone on:

Me: (scratching backs lightly and speaking in an ever soothing voice) "Come on sweety pie...let's get dressed for school."
Me: "Get dressed...time for school."
Me: "Get dressed girls"
Me: (Red in the face and HOT) "GEEEEEEEEEEET DREEEEEEEEEEESSED!!!!!!!!!!"

(REPEAT the nagging scene several times over for: "Get your shoes on, eat , brush hair/teeth, get your backpack, get in the car...")

Only four years into this "get the kids to school in the morning routine", and I finally decided our "routine" needed some figuring out! I know, I amaze myself too!

So I decided to pull out the mommy powers, and make some changes!

Now, to avoid the all confusing "do I get ready now or play and wait until mom blows a gasket" dilemma, I wrote up the morning-do list . I posted it on the fridge and brought the ya-hoos I rarely claim in the mornings, to view the master piece. I pointed out every step in order and then quizzed the rascals. They were surprising astute, fully aware of what was "suppose" to happen each morning. Good, my powers were working!

We went on.

NOTHING. I repeat, NOTHING changed. Obviously the powers were not instituted correctly! I pondered the situation and decided on a risky tactic. I would again remind them of the routine and then....nothing. YEP, I played fire with fire. I woke them up and ask them each if they knew what they were to do. Each responded positively. I went downstairs and heard, "...giggle...giggle, laugh... "

Hmmm. However, I did nothing...remember, FIRE.

Then, at exactly 7:35 am, I announced, "Get in the car, it is time to go."

I heard: "WHAAAT, I have not had breakfast, brushed my hair, teeth...blah, blah, blah.)"

My response, (said in sticky sweet, mock soothing voice): "Oh wow, did you not know what you were suppose to do?"

SILENCE (oh, except the "hahahahahaha" going on in my head.)

Next morning...same thing. Truthfully, I was getting shaky. I mean, I did not miss the nagging, yelling, or doing most of it myself. I did however have pride: Pride in self . People were going to start wondering about that KIR mom. I mean really, KIR kids coming in unfed with stinky breath and un-brushed hair. EEE GADS

BUT, I pulled out the "self talk" mantra (come on Jacks, you are strong, you can do is for the greater good...) I held my ground.

Third day:
Me: "Girls, start your morning routine, please."

Sweetums shot out of bed like fire was in her jammies, did her stuff and sat by the door ready to go 20 flipping minutes heard me 20 MINUTES EARLY! That girl could book-it!

Pony girl: ...ladi da de da da da ...

The powers ROCKED again.. I mean one out of two isn't bad...right?!


Joy said...

I am so glad that for some reason I have early risers--the boys are usually always up before me and The girls are shortly after that. Usually Brinton is fixing breakfast before everyone is up. It is a lifesaver for me a sleeper inner!!

McEwens said...

See it is working!!!! YEAH!!! Soon, it will be bye bye to the morning yells.... ! congrats to you and your mommmy powers!

Becky said...

Be strong!! Soon you'll be two for two. Consistency is the hardest part of parenting for me. Well, that and actually following through with consequences.

DIAZ BLOG said... crack me up! This is a scene we can all relate too, I'm sure. I will have to try the mommy powers thing....I have the same problem each day but I am afraid my 3ed grader would rather go to school smelly and in PJ's!

Marci said...

Love and Logic, baby... "That's alright if you don't want to get dressed, I'll take you to school in your pajamas and tell your teacher not to let you in the room until you change your clothes. your choice." I've done this before and it works.

Robin and Don said...

I just love these blogs. It is the day to day nonsense that we all go through that somehow sounds so much funnier when it happens to others. Thanks for the insight.

Cory said...

Wow - Mommy Powers! Who knew I might possess such a thing! Cody - now 15 - is waaaay harder to get up now then he used to be. I finally blew up last week when I got up at 6:10 a.m. after I told him to get up (his alarm had also been going off non-stop for about 30 minutes) - he said OOOKKK - that's very sleepy talk. Well, at 6:30 (time to go) I holler upstairs and guess what???? He's still in bed!!!! I gave him about 2.3 seconds to get his butt out of bed, get dressed and get in the car. -- I have it figured out now though - BRIBERY!! He wants to taked drivers training so I signed him up for March 4 and told him that if he doesn't get himself up and get ready I will cancel it. So far it has worked like a charm.
Keep up the Mommy Power!!! Sounds like it is working great for you!!

bholtom said...

Love and Logic baby it really works. After they get hungry a time or two, or figure out you really will leave them, oh, that Tada will click and they move oh so much quicker!!! Or just press the fire alarm button just for a test, it works cool too!!! Good job mommy!!

Wep said...

That is awesome! Go you!

Kimberleigh said...

I am so glad someone else has to ask the same thing 30 times to get people to move. I feel surprisingly normal for once. Yea!! Glad the ignoring mom thing isn't unique to my house.

Love how you stuck to your guns! :)

Robyn said...

Awesome! We have routines, too - sometimes they work better than other.....but when they do - delightful!!