Monday, March 30, 2009

Driving Skills run in the family

I am one of the worlds BEST drivers! Ask anyone...except my dad, who fixed many a crunched vehicle I once drove, or my husband, who knows everything I have ever hit dented or smooshed with the cars we currently own, or Holly and Justin, whose cars I have hit three times while they were parked in my drive way, or the young women I work with in church, who I have been told are "totally freaked out" when riding with me, or my friend Sandi who got stuck on a one lane overpass with me when I did not know how the heavens to get the vehicle to move, or my drivers ed teacher who only passed me with a "must drive with another licensed adult for 6 months and a 'C' " because my driving skills were still questionable. Other than those people...ask anyone... I am a great driver.

And so, having just returned from Texas where Little Man had the opportunity to test out HIS driving skills-- I am pleased to announce:

HE is taking after his momma....HEAVEN HELP US ALL!

Friday, March 27, 2009

High Achiever

Pony Girl: Mom, when I grow up I either want to be a veterinarian...or work at McDonald's....I can't decide.

Tough choice...Toooooough choice!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pathway to

Our hallway was sporting this new look:

So I followed the trail and found this:

Turns out...toilet papering isn't just for the great outdoors anymore!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Plaster of Paris Plunder

Last Friday I got a call from Pony Girl's student teacher asking if she sent home some Plaster of Paris with PG, if I would be willing to make a mold of the planets for the class with her over the weekend. I of course said yes..I mean I am a perfect parent like that.

When PG got off the bus with this HUGE container

I will admit I was perplexed. I mean how big were these molds?

I got a bit more perplexed....alright, worried, when I opened up the mold kit and saw that the molds were little and the instructions said this:
What? MORE plaster if I NEEDED?

I had

Do you see that? 8 POUNDS OF DRY PLASTER!

I immediately called the teacher. However, it was Friday, a student teacher--meaning a college student--and 4:00pm in the afternoon. She did not answer. I left a message asking her how many kits exactly did she need, because I was pretty sure I was confused.

I made one kit hoping that was all I needed to do...knowing I was dreaming.
A few hours later, I noticed we had a message from the teacher. She stated that she was sorry if she confused me, she needed 50. That's it.

WHAT? 50? I was freaked. Once you make the plaster and stick it in the molds, it takes about 45 minutes to set up enough to pop it out of the mold without breaking it--especially Saturn. (I tell ya...those rings and I were not friends when this event was over.)

SO, I quickly informed PG of our plunder and made another kit--she was finished helping me by this time as a wild, ferocious, get this junk done, look had infiltrated my eyes.

As I whipped up the next batch, I did the math in my I am a MATH whiz, and came to the conclusion that I was in a MESS! There was NO way I was going to be able to leave this plaster making site if I was to get 50 done over the weekend.

I will admit that here I got a bit ticked at the teacher. WHY did she wait until the exact weekend to have ONE mother do 50 kits? AND 50? WHY in the name of all things great? There were only 20 kids in PG's class!!!

I called, got her machine again, and left a frantic, although very nice, message about time--and Saturn's rings--and 50--and holy cow.

I just kept making and making...and cussing Saturn as the stupid rings crumbled if I just looked there way.

Later that night, I was plastered out! I had 4 of some planets made, three of others, and only one Saturn. I had a fresh batch in the molds by the time the teacher got back in touch with me. When I answered, she was giggling

GIGGLING! UMMMM, excuse me little college girl...I am not laughing with you!!

She then mentioned again how sorry she was for the confusion...the "more plaster if needed" comment was from last year when they only had a small bag of plaster AND-- AND--they only needed 50 planets 5 kits total.

AHHHH, 50 individual planets... two very important words she left out!!

I am thinking "communication with parents" may be a good weekend class to offer...

Anyway, here are the finished projects...PG was so excited, she could not wait to carry them into the classroom... Me too--GOOD RIDDANCE Planets!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Mr. KIR and I have some good friends (Kent and Charyce) who have 5 children~two of which are adopted. Their story is amazing and I am humbled by the struggles and joys they have encountered by joining these little ones into their family. The two girls were adopted separately, 14 months apart...with one of their biological children born in the middle of this time period. However, they are full blood sisters who were taken from their parents for drug abuse.

A few years ago Charyce entered a commercial making contest on speaking out against drug use. She won! I love the commercial and have recently taken siege upon the only copy she owns. Here is their little sunshine being the star she is: