Monday, March 23, 2009

Pathway to

Our hallway was sporting this new look:

So I followed the trail and found this:

Turns out...toilet papering isn't just for the great outdoors anymore!


Robin and Don said...

I think what really happened is she got to her room before she discovered TP was stuck to her shoe. She went crazy trying to get it all off and wore herself out in the process. Look at her! Poor thing.

Life with boys... said...

I love that Little Man!!! Oh how I miss you all, -N- woke up the day you left saying, "Momma my cousins have to come back and eat breastfist with me!" So sad, but I am so glad to know that he had just as much fun as we did!

Love ya!!!

Robyn said...

I hate finding tp everywhere. At least it wasn't used, right!

Joy said...

Looks like all of the stuffed and plastic animals needed a bum wipe huh??? My little guy pulls the tp everywhere and somehow it is still connected to the roll in the bathroom!! What fun toilet paper is!!

Marci said...

My kids didn't do that before we left did they?