Monday, March 9, 2009

Plaster of Paris Plunder

Last Friday I got a call from Pony Girl's student teacher asking if she sent home some Plaster of Paris with PG, if I would be willing to make a mold of the planets for the class with her over the weekend. I of course said yes..I mean I am a perfect parent like that.

When PG got off the bus with this HUGE container

I will admit I was perplexed. I mean how big were these molds?

I got a bit more perplexed....alright, worried, when I opened up the mold kit and saw that the molds were little and the instructions said this:
What? MORE plaster if I NEEDED?

I had

Do you see that? 8 POUNDS OF DRY PLASTER!

I immediately called the teacher. However, it was Friday, a student teacher--meaning a college student--and 4:00pm in the afternoon. She did not answer. I left a message asking her how many kits exactly did she need, because I was pretty sure I was confused.

I made one kit hoping that was all I needed to do...knowing I was dreaming.
A few hours later, I noticed we had a message from the teacher. She stated that she was sorry if she confused me, she needed 50. That's it.

WHAT? 50? I was freaked. Once you make the plaster and stick it in the molds, it takes about 45 minutes to set up enough to pop it out of the mold without breaking it--especially Saturn. (I tell ya...those rings and I were not friends when this event was over.)

SO, I quickly informed PG of our plunder and made another kit--she was finished helping me by this time as a wild, ferocious, get this junk done, look had infiltrated my eyes.

As I whipped up the next batch, I did the math in my I am a MATH whiz, and came to the conclusion that I was in a MESS! There was NO way I was going to be able to leave this plaster making site if I was to get 50 done over the weekend.

I will admit that here I got a bit ticked at the teacher. WHY did she wait until the exact weekend to have ONE mother do 50 kits? AND 50? WHY in the name of all things great? There were only 20 kids in PG's class!!!

I called, got her machine again, and left a frantic, although very nice, message about time--and Saturn's rings--and 50--and holy cow.

I just kept making and making...and cussing Saturn as the stupid rings crumbled if I just looked there way.

Later that night, I was plastered out! I had 4 of some planets made, three of others, and only one Saturn. I had a fresh batch in the molds by the time the teacher got back in touch with me. When I answered, she was giggling

GIGGLING! UMMMM, excuse me little college girl...I am not laughing with you!!

She then mentioned again how sorry she was for the confusion...the "more plaster if needed" comment was from last year when they only had a small bag of plaster AND-- AND--they only needed 50 planets 5 kits total.

AHHHH, 50 individual planets... two very important words she left out!!

I am thinking "communication with parents" may be a good weekend class to offer...

Anyway, here are the finished projects...PG was so excited, she could not wait to carry them into the classroom... Me too--GOOD RIDDANCE Planets!


Life with boys... said...

my goodness you were a planet making fool! Glad it worked out to be 50 (individual) planets, and uh yeah, I was sitting here thinking there isn't enough time ina weekend to make and set 50 sets, you wouldn't have gotten ANY sleep!

On a side note, sooooo excited, 5 more days woohoo! (calling for rain Sat and Sun but still in the 60's and then sun and highs in the high 60's Mon and Tues) I'll keep you posted as it changes/gets closer

Pancake said...

WOW!! Good thing she got a hold of you!!! Hey at least you dont have as many planets as ast time to do!

Robyn said...

What a good mom you are! That would be such a pain. The only thing I have been asked to make so far for -L's class is panipopo for their Hawaiian day.

Wep said...

I would have been SOOOOOO mad.

DIAZ BLOG said...

you are nicer then I am. I would have started checking around to see where I could buy the darn things!

Robin and Don said...

I still think that teacher was smoking some of that plaster! That is a lot of work to ask on such short notice. Your a good mom and teacher's aid.

Kimberleigh said...

Holy cow. I can only imagine the sheer hellish terror you experienced thinking you had to make 50 kits! Good thing you called her again!

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

"GIGGLING! UMMMM, excuse me little college girl...I am not laughing with you!!"

So funny! They look amazing. You should be very proud of your hard working self.

Hope she at least sent you a thank you!

snakeriverwalton said...

I can so relate to this. They look great.