Friday, April 24, 2009


Little Man use to LOVE Mr. KIR's shovel. He would drag it all over the yard "digging" holes and planting sticks and weeds and worms and on and on and on.... It is a big, bulky thing for him and seemed heavy, but he still loved it

If Mr. KIR needed to work outside, we just gave Little Man Daddy's shovel and he would work right along side him. If I took the kids outside to play, I would give the kid Dad's shovel and I could leisurely read and monitor his play time while reading from my comfy lawn chair. A perfect set up!

BUT NOW...Oh now, I have a bone to dig with the Easter Bunny! He/She thought that getting Little Man his own little, perfect for his size, real, shovel was a fantastic idea. I mean what would be better? Nothing-- The kid was gonna LOVE it!!!

See this little treasure...isn't it cute!
Here is Little Man posing after a long days work of digging while I read my book from my chair...thinking all was well in the world.: (and yes, he has on a Halloween shirt--it is his FAVORITE. And yes, he tucked it in..and yes he has cowboy boots on the wrong feet with the pants tucked in. He is a fashion conscious little guy...what is a mom suppose to do?)

See how perfect sized it is for him. See how dirty is it from play!!
And in honor of the LOVE and bone needed digging, I wrote a po-hem about our afternoon:

If a Dad plants grass and has a little boy
Don't give him a shovel to enjoy,
While mom is reading and sun basking,
Cause if you do you WILL be asking:

How many holes can a little boy dig
If a little boy can dig holes?


Robin and Don said...

14. Well now we know. I love this kid!

Life with boys... said...

Seriously, is he in Papa's fence building prep course too? You gotta say, Papa would be oh so proud! We love you Little Man!

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

So funny!! Good thing he's so cute eh?
Nice Po-um:)BTW.