Thursday, May 28, 2009

Touch pad car entry please. Oh and why we are at it, how about home and garage codes as well.

From the very beginning of my marriage, I knew Mr. KIR was one in a million. AND why, why was I so lucky? I still have not figured it out. I just keep holding on and thinking one day--one day--the man is going to wake up and realize what he has gotten himself into and run for the hills, grabbing his sanity along the way. But until that happens, I shall hold on and worship the ground he walks on! (Seriously! If you know him-and me-you believe!)

Long story short, I locked my keys in the car...again... 30 minutes from our 10:45pm...

I called Mr. KIR and announced my blunder. He simple said, "Okay, I'll get the kids in the car and be there soon."

He pulled up next to where I was, handed me the keys, waited for me to unlock, and we headed home. When we got there (11:40 pm) he carried the kids back to bed, helped me unload the car and put stuff away.

NOT once did the man sigh or breathe out in frustration. NOT once did he act upset or irritated. NOT once did his tone of voice change or his looks in my direction differ from his normal self.

The man is so amazing, so calm, so loving, and understanding. I shall never, NEVER, be worthy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Counting Dream Come True

This next post is not for the manner ridden. In fact it will go against the better judgment of most of you. However, if you know me at all, you know the "better judgment" gene does not run in the family of my upbringing, and has seriously skipped a generation from Mr. KIR's family when it comes to our kids, so I say: Read at your own risk.

When our girls were young, they were inundated with Baby Einstein and hours and hours of counting/ABC/color/nursery rhyme "Mommy and Me Music" classes. We listened to all sorts of kid-learning songs in the car, and attended play group after play group. I, being a former over achiever, also made 60 to 70 file folder games for their enjoyment, thousands of felt books/games, and puzzles were everywhere in our house.

Little Man is now three and a half years old and the "Prince" of our domain. Kids-learning music is a thing of the past in our vehicles as Hannah Montana, Kids Bop, and High School Musical reign supreme in girly KIR world. All the learning "stuff" I made is still around, but holds no interest for him, and puzzles are automatic missiles in his hands. I am too tired to go to Mommy and Me Music, and play groups are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, all of this has equaled neglect to the academia side of Little Man's upbringing.

Who cares, right?

Well, apparently I do. See, about two months ago I noticed he could not count, did not know his ABC's, and couldn't care less about color knowledge unless it had to do with green and a certain type of tractor-that shall remain nameless.

How embarrassing! I could not send my son off to college without proper color recognition. So I did what all Mother of the Year recipients do, I got out the big guns: Kids music was infiltrated throughout the car air-waves, I began counting over and over again, and playing the "copy me" game. I also began talking kid speak, "LM, hand me the YELLOW cup please, the YELLOW one..."

He caught on to colors, puzzles, and file games like a pro. However, numbers and ABC's--not happening. He flat out did not care.

Me (said in annoying high pitched sing-songy voice) (Oh and imagine a very uncoordinated, un-hip, jiggity-jig dance accompanying it): "123, 456, 789...... 10, let's do it again..."

LM (screeched out with giggles, and snorts of laughter immediately after): "125922650476503 poop."


But today...TODAY we had a break through:

LM: "Mom, do you know how many poops I went in the toilet?"

Me: "Little Man, that is gross, please don't talk like that."

LM (Ignoring me like a true, youngest, boy child): "1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 6 poops mom! Come see!"

I think I'll just put the guns away.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Suitcase Self-esteem

I have always known Mr. KIR had an amazing self concept and has never cared what others thought of him, and after this post you all will as well.

He is currently on a business trip to China. He has been gone an astonishingly long 8 days, and we have two more to go.

As he was getting ready for the trip, he began to pack and pile stuff up. When he went to the basement to get a suitcase he came upstairs with mine... " Ummmm, you are not seriously taking that are you?"

Folks--he did, and I have heard his fellow travelers were amused, embarrassed, and walked far, far ahead of him...

Did he care? NOPE...
Case of self concept questions--closed!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kids Talk

I have been on the phone recently planning our vacation out west to visit family and the Grand Canyon. Little Man has of course been my little shadow. So after running errands yesterday I got a good giggle when he informed me that he was not going home now. He wanted some candy, so could I just go pick up Daddy, Pony Girl and Sweetums so we could make our way to the Gram Candyons now!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Queen Mom

Today Little Man was playing with Littlest Pet Shop. He had a mommy, daddy, some kids, and a HUGE truck with lots of stuff. He stuffed all the pets and stuff into the truck and drove all over the house playing and talking as if they were on a drive. Suddenly he stopped and stated, "Mom, I need the mommy thing."

I of course had NO idea what he was talking about, to which he insisted, "You know, the mommy thing that goes on only mommy's heads!"

Still no clue from whiz mom here.

We traipsed downstairs and began the tedious search through all the LPS stuff. I thought I was in for it, but we found it quite quickly and boy was it worth it!! Little Man was looking for the CROWN!

Yes folks, my son believes mommy's wear crowns!

He won't be of marriageable age for 20 years, but girls, you may dream:)