Sunday, May 24, 2009

Counting Dream Come True

This next post is not for the manner ridden. In fact it will go against the better judgment of most of you. However, if you know me at all, you know the "better judgment" gene does not run in the family of my upbringing, and has seriously skipped a generation from Mr. KIR's family when it comes to our kids, so I say: Read at your own risk.

When our girls were young, they were inundated with Baby Einstein and hours and hours of counting/ABC/color/nursery rhyme "Mommy and Me Music" classes. We listened to all sorts of kid-learning songs in the car, and attended play group after play group. I, being a former over achiever, also made 60 to 70 file folder games for their enjoyment, thousands of felt books/games, and puzzles were everywhere in our house.

Little Man is now three and a half years old and the "Prince" of our domain. Kids-learning music is a thing of the past in our vehicles as Hannah Montana, Kids Bop, and High School Musical reign supreme in girly KIR world. All the learning "stuff" I made is still around, but holds no interest for him, and puzzles are automatic missiles in his hands. I am too tired to go to Mommy and Me Music, and play groups are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, all of this has equaled neglect to the academia side of Little Man's upbringing.

Who cares, right?

Well, apparently I do. See, about two months ago I noticed he could not count, did not know his ABC's, and couldn't care less about color knowledge unless it had to do with green and a certain type of tractor-that shall remain nameless.

How embarrassing! I could not send my son off to college without proper color recognition. So I did what all Mother of the Year recipients do, I got out the big guns: Kids music was infiltrated throughout the car air-waves, I began counting over and over again, and playing the "copy me" game. I also began talking kid speak, "LM, hand me the YELLOW cup please, the YELLOW one..."

He caught on to colors, puzzles, and file games like a pro. However, numbers and ABC's--not happening. He flat out did not care.

Me (said in annoying high pitched sing-songy voice) (Oh and imagine a very uncoordinated, un-hip, jiggity-jig dance accompanying it): "123, 456, 789...... 10, let's do it again..."

LM (screeched out with giggles, and snorts of laughter immediately after): "125922650476503 poop."


But today...TODAY we had a break through:

LM: "Mom, do you know how many poops I went in the toilet?"

Me: "Little Man, that is gross, please don't talk like that."

LM (Ignoring me like a true, youngest, boy child): "1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 6 poops mom! Come see!"

I think I'll just put the guns away.


Life with boys... said... in the land of mannerless worlds...that was "milk coming out of the nose" hillarious!!!

Oh the world of boys, sometimes it just isn't pretty!

Marci said...

Just so you know, my little girl has counted the number of poops in the toilet too...


Goddard's Gang said...

Well at least he is counting! That is what is important...right?!?!

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

I love the way you tell stories...
This reminds me I'm gonna have to do a video of our "potty song":)

Robyn said...

I was laughing the whole time I read this. I have to say I am also guilty of failure to teach -K- all the things the other kids knew. The older kids seem to run the schedule and she is so good at just going with the flow of their activities. Luckily, I have not had to count poops though. :)

Robin and Don said...

But you say six, huh? Nice counting. By George I think he's got it!

Lynne said...

niiiiiice - truly hillarious.

Robyn said...

Love it! I normally say something like "how the heck did that fit inside your little body?!"

DIAZ BLOG said...

you just wait....he will have many more "counts" and other stuff to brag about to his preschool and kindergarten teachers. No family secrets are safe!!!