Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Queen Mom

Today Little Man was playing with Littlest Pet Shop. He had a mommy, daddy, some kids, and a HUGE truck with lots of stuff. He stuffed all the pets and stuff into the truck and drove all over the house playing and talking as if they were on a drive. Suddenly he stopped and stated, "Mom, I need the mommy thing."

I of course had NO idea what he was talking about, to which he insisted, "You know, the mommy thing that goes on only mommy's heads!"

Still no clue from whiz mom here.

We traipsed downstairs and began the tedious search through all the LPS stuff. I thought I was in for it, but we found it quite quickly and boy was it worth it!! Little Man was looking for the CROWN!

Yes folks, my son believes mommy's wear crowns!

He won't be of marriageable age for 20 years, but girls, you may dream:)


Robyn said...

-K- gets first dibs on little man!

Life with boys... said...

too cute!

Joy said...

That is fun!! I think that somedays I would like to wear a crown. Would the kids listen to be better if they knew I was Queen of the house???

Aimee said...

Hey, someone acknowledged your being queen outside your own mind voice! Maybe you can get him to sing a song about you now. Congratulations!

Great now I'm singing "Jackie, Oh Jackie, Jackie our queen of May" in my head.

missy said...

I don't know who Robyn or -K- is, but will you please let them know that Little Man is already spoken for? Little Miss is very comfortable in her "tuh-awa" (tiara) and we already know how little man grins when they see each other...